Thursday, 22 November 2012

Suzy's Blog

Hello again,What a frustrating time ....No broadband !, so apologies for not being around for a week or so . Anyway with the trials and tribulations of that now sorted I  can get on with things , and one thing in particular my Blog !    Recently  has been all about Page 3, starting on a very sad note with the death of Beverley Goodway, the Sun's Page 3 photographer. Beverley was, without doubt as important to the image of Page 3 as the model. A lovely and immensely popular person, he was highly regarded, very kind and a true gentleman...All the models loved him. At about the same time yet another debate has been raging as to whether the concept of our 'national institution' is relevant in today's society. Two ladies, (it always seems to be the female of our species who hold such high opinions on the subject) battle it out on breakfast television with the same old arguments back and forth whilst the presenter tries desperately to appear interested. It is even gaining momentum overseas. I myself have even been invited by a Canadian publication to 'share my thoughts'. This I find to be reminiscent of the spats we had with Claire Short back in the 80's. Oh happy days!... Talking of happy days, I haven't enjoyed many of those this last week, more like frustrating days, what with dropping car keys down a grate, (the only grate in the entire car park incidentally) and having to be rescued, and then on dog walk I was, quite literally, dragged through a hedge backwards, (best not dwell on that one!).. I have decided that my dogs, bless 'em, are to blame for my need for physio. I attended my first session recently and whilst completing the medical questionnaire, couldn't help smiling at one of the questions....'Are you pregnant (ladies only)'......Now I know we've made fantastic medical advances, but..... I was of the opinion that 'fantastic advances' had also been made in the world of communication, (warning, rant alert!) but clearly was wrong. Having moved house recently, I am having to wait till mid December for a broadband connection...grrrrrr!! I find myself spending far too much time in places like Costafortune trying to catch up. If I see many more floating leaves looking at me from my coffee cup, think I'll go mad!!...Oh, and just for the record I think the recent tv ads for Costa are absolutely bizarre. Someone somewhere must have had one too many flat whites when they dreamt those up....Tea anyone!!... Well it's a lovely sunny day here, so I guess it's time to get out there...Come on dogs let's get going.....No hedges, though, please!!
Now , I have no idea of his name , but he was so handsome and very aloof ! But I simply couldn't help saying hello , I couldn't imagine for one minute this one dragging me through a hedge .....take note my two !

Looking forward to my next trip to The Felley to say hi again.....That is if he decides to say hello back !
Now my passion for antiques and all things vintage is only exceeded by my love of animals ( even if like this one they do run the other way ) and have spent much of this week getting my new shop ready ....very exciting .Note to self though ....sell more than you buy !
Here I am putting a few finishing touches to it .....

And continuing with the vintage theme erhum ....This is a Blast From The Past , taken in New York .....I wonder if I still have those ear rings, necklace  and gloves  .....I know just the shop for them ! Although I don't think I will be modelling them like this .....oh spoilsport I hear you say !

Bye For Now , Sue X