Wednesday, 10 July 2013

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Tantrums and Tiaras 

Hello blog. Yes I know it's been a while since we last spoke, and yes I admit I have neglected you, but here we are, reunited at last.
So what's been happening in my world over the last few weeks?....Well, apart from major frustration with my new devil phone, (now returned to Satan) I have been concentrating on the new addition to the shop, vintage and modern clothing. Have to say I do find vintage clothes fascinating, must be something do do with my preoccupation with dressing up in my Mum's clothes when I was a child. Oh the childhood memories, many a day was spent traipsing round the garden in a ten sizes too big ballgown, (my mum was a bit of a socialite in her day) glittery dancing shoes and a tiara, pretending I was Cinderella. My poor long suffering brother always used to make himself scarce on those occasions in case I roped him in as prince charming! Felix, the pet cat wasn't safe either. Long before the current trend of bling collars for pets, Felix was quite the glamour puss, regularly adorned with diamant√© necklaces and a little lace neckerchief, sitting haughty on a velvet cushion. All very well until one day he was spotted sprinting across the lawn wearing one of my Mum's favourite  satin scarves....Oh, happy days..

 Vintage frocks seem to have an air of glamour and mystery about them, and the very fact that many of them are still around today is testament to the fine quality of the fabrics and workmanship. Can't see many of the clothes currently hanging in my wardrobe still being around in fifty or so years. 

Anyway, back to the present, Poor Russ, he comes back from holiday nicely chilled and relaxed to find the place full of women's clothing. It must have been like walking into a giant wardrobe!..

Couldn't resist revisiting the dressing up box of my childhood again and getting a picture taken in this beautiful 1920s gown!

 Toodle Pip x