Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Spring sadness

Have to say, the last few weeks have been exceptionally sad for me.  I lost my lovely little shar Pei,  Olive, who I adopted from Battersea a few years ago.  Once I got her home she went from timid little thing to full on diva in a matter of weeks. She ruled the roost with an iron paw and kept the other furry ones firmly in their place.  Thankfully I still have Bonbon, my persian cat, (the matriarch), and Brewster and Molly, (aka, known as Dumb and Dumber), the Canines in the family, so I am fortunate there...

My photo selection this time just had to include an Olive shot, taken when she was in her prime...

On a cheerier note I'm looking forward to dinner at a brilliant local Indian restaurant  with friends at the weekend, and some antique shopping....

Sue x

Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter bunnies and all things chocolate

Have a wonderful Easter boys and girls.  Don't eat too much chocolate!....What am I saying?.... Bathe in the stuff!

Sue x

Monday, 7 April 2014

Wine o'clock

I think I can recommend this bottle !! A full bodied red . Cheers xx 

Design courtesy of @juansheet02 

Coffee time

Thought I'd showcase some of the remarkable images created by a lovely and very talented friend of mine....

Fancy a Cappucino anyone?!!!