Friday, 16 August 2013

Suzy's Blog

Shifting Sands
So excited!!...I have, in my garden, in pride of place a huge stately gazebo...It stands there looking  bit like something from a bedouin camp, tall, elegant and welcoming. I have to admit to being a bit fazed at first when faced with a flat packed array of poles, cord and no less then 45 different nuts and bolts, but, hey, less than 2 hours later and with a team of only 2 of us, (3 if you count the dog), there it was...And it doesn't wobble!...All that's left to do is to furnish it. I'm thinking table and chairs, (obviously) and maybe lanterns, (not the type that start fires, hopefully), a place for wine and glasses, (essential) , and a few Lawrence of Arabia type lounging cushions....Oh, and I guess I will definitely need the sunshine to continue for maximum enjoyment...

So that's the fluffy enjoyable stuff dealt with which just leaves me with the dull hard labour in the rest of the garden. ....Where do all these weeds keep coming from....Grrrrh!.
Well that's about it for now. Soon be time for a languish and nice glass of chilled white in my not yet collapsed gazebo...

Technical blip and a photo will follow shortly ( Hopefully)

Sue x