Sunday, 30 December 2012

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Tinsel and Turkey

Having survived Christmas,

Well not quite Christmas , but this was Christmas Eve at home , glass of wine and a log fire

 I'm now in the recovery period, and whilst I wouldn't go so far as to use the word 'fast', I am certainly trying to resist the last of the trifle, chocolates and mince pies....(sooooo hard!)
All in all Christmas with my parents wasn't too bad, apart from Dad losing his hearing aid battery and trying to train the cat to sit, (he's more a dog person, my Dad!)...We even managed a boxing day walk around Matlock, although we missed seeing the raft race, because I got the time wrong!...
Talking of walks, I enjoyed a lovely refreshing day out at Chatsworth today with the dogs, they loved getting wet and muddy.

With the fantastic Chatsworth House in the background and the equally beautiful Bru with me

And from one Blast From The Past to another , if you see what I mean !

Looking forward to new year now. A nice relaxing quiet one for me this year, I think.
A happy, prosperous and healthy 2013 to everyone...
Sue x

Monday, 24 December 2012

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Christmas panic and bathroom disasters....

Well, Christmas and the big holiday is almost here and I'm trying desperately not to panic.  It's all turning out to be last minute again, just like last year and, come to think of it, the year before that, and all previous years.  In my defence, I have to say this time it's not all my fault, the blame definitely lies with a bathroom....It all started several weeks ago when I rather rashly insisted my parents stay with me for Christmas, despite the guest bathroom being short of a few essentials, (namely a loo, washbasin and shower).  Not to worry, I thought, full of optimism, I'll soon get it fixed, and in less than a week...course I will!!.....And guess what, I did!, I'm not saying it was without problems, the plumber shouting down for a bucket and towels was a low point, not to mention the expense, ouch!! and probably the most serious of all, running out of time for my hair appointment, (a do it yourself fringe cut is not a good look for Christmas!).
Any way here I am, a couple of days left to sort my self out, relax and, best of all, ENJOY!...Crikey, I'm even starting to look forward to it, especially starting on the bubbly at 10 am on Christmas day, which somehow seems perfectly normal!, (Christmas does have its good points)...

Talking of Christmas !

And every girl needs a little black dress at Christmas with that in mind a little Christmas present ....

And of course a little Christmas past ........

Have a wonderful time everyone...

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

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Hi from a chilly Derbyshire,
Well it's all log fires and snow showers here, very seasonal and festive, Christmassy even!, There I've mentioned it, the dreaded word, CHRISTMAS!!..I'm trying desperately to ignore it all, in the vain hope it might pass me by, (I know, bah humbug and all that!) If only for the sake of my bank balance. After all, it's only just recovered from last year, but no, here we go again...
It sort of all started last weekend with the ' Victorian Christmas Shopping' event.  A festive experience of shop assistants in full Victorian costumes handing out complimentary glasses of mulled wine and mince pies, (I have to admit to a fondness for both!)
all very nice, but if it were a true victorian Christmas, then it would be an apple or an orange and very little else.
Anyway, enough of all this, I'm sure, come next week I'll be in the thick of it and (hopefully) enjoying every festive minute, even the dreaded supermarket shop!..(well maybe that's a step too far!)..
Talking of steps, needless to say I'm hoping for shoes in every colour from Mr Santa, (baby!) or failing that a few diamonds might be nice! Ummm! (Whoever said girls were difficult to buy for clearly had no idea and was probably male!)
Hoping to meet up with a few rather neglected girlfriends soon, I'm desperate to catch up on all the gossip. Rumour has it that my newly single friend has found luuurv, (the real thing this time apparently)....Poor bloke, unknown to him she's already arranged for us all to meet, and at his place naturally! (a house she's yet to visit herself but of course has already googled!)...I almost feel sorry for him!..
Well to come back to the beginning, I feel quite pleased with myself, in true country wench style, I foraged in the woods for some logs for the fire, (well kindling actually), laid them nicely on the hearth to dry and guess what!....the dog thought I'd brought the woods home for him and wee'd on them!..Great!!
Talking of dogs ....on a visit to the beautiful Felley Priory, A fave haunt of mine I met the most gorgeous male ....all four legs and fur and a wet nose ! What more could a girl ask for .....apart from the fact he is soooo Grumpy....Well you can't have everything ....Meet Mr Grumps

See I said he was beautiful !!
And whilst I was there I managed a quick snap ,

And I know you enjoy a Blast From The Past so here goes ....

Taken in Sweden , thank goodness for warm studios ( occasionally )
OK , well bye for now and happy Christmas shopping

Sue x

Sunday, 2 December 2012

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Chimney sweeps and Sing Something Simple....

It's only 1230 pm and I'm feeling like an afternoon nap is called for.  My morning started at an unreasonably early hour, 730 am and there I was awaiting the arrival of the man formerly known as the Chimney Sweep, (he's now a Chimney Technician, apparently.)
Anyway apart from the job title and the acquisition of an assistant, (I shudder to think what's expected of him, he is rather small after all!) nothing much has changed, a flurry of activity,brushes everywhere, several cups of tea. Then the grand finale! invitation/command to 'go outside and look at the brush sticking out of the chimney', (why?!)....It's pouring with rain and here I am standing in the garden not knowing what he's expecting, from me, a round of applause? Clapping? Cheering? Jumping up and down with excitement?.....After a few minutes I decide on a rather unenthusiastic 'um erm, it's there!' and head back indoors...A few minutes later, it's all done and he's heading off in his van, (fully liveried with website details and the words 'follow me on twitter', emblazoned in bright letters!) Ancient meets modern, I guess!
All this made me feel quite nostalgic, I remember my Grandad, a miner all his life and quite an expert on chimneys, always cleaned his own, (Awww, Bless!) Another nostalgic moment was when I read something about Sunday Radio and how dire it was back in the 'good old days', before tv.  How right they are. I remember vividly, (but not fondly) my Mum uttering the words guaranteed to sink me into gloom, 'It's time for Sing Something Simple'....Please, No, I'm depressed enough, already, It's Sunday evening, nothing but school in the morning to look forward to, anything but S. S. S!......Even Jimmy Clitheroe!! Those were the days, eh!!
Talking of old things, I have spent most of this week at my concession in the local antique centre, I now have all the stock arranged perfectly, (a bit like home from home!).. Slightly worried about  'child in sweet shop' syndrome though, so, sell, sell, sell not buy, buy, buy, has to be my new mantra!!...
Anyway enough of all things old and dusty, I'm looking forward  to a spot of shopping for some nice shiny new things, like shoes.....Now have I mentioned shoes recently? ... If not I'll mention them again, shoes!!...My Mum even says my first word was.....Yes, you guessed it Shoes!...

Thought I might start with a Blast from The Past as I was discussing all things antique !! errr I heard that !

And a new one !! and before you start , no lady driver jokes  !!

I'm working on a Christmas picture , all tinsels and bells ....but until then ...

Cheers .......have a lovely day .
Well that's about it for this week....Soon be Christmas, then Easter, then summer....Yippee!...
Bye for now....x

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As I'm still still trying to get to grips with my new phone, (note to self, avoid phones cleverer tham me in future) I have decided to keep this blog short and sweet...Not a bad idea as this is my third attemp at writing this, the first two were accidentally deleted just as I got to the last paragraph....(a few unprintable words were flying about I can tell you!)
Anyway, what I'd like to say is how relaxing June has been so far, (apart from aforementioned phone) compared to a hectic May.  Plenty of time to catch up on a few things  that I've been putting off, new window display at C&C, a bit of buying and a revamp of my website, maybe even a you tube channel,  (blimey, sound and vision..eeek!)  So lots of things to get stuck into.
Hope you like the two recent photos,  no cartoon this time, a bit too much for my basic grasp of this phone..
Well I seem to have made it to the last paragraph again...Try to press the right key this time...Here goes!!!
Sue x