Monday, 22 September 2014

Frocks and fragrance

As you probably have read on previous blogs I'm having lots of fun trading old family photos with my cousin in Australia.  We were inseparable as children and got up to all sorts of adventures. This was obviously well before the days of 'elf n safety' and included everything from tree house dwelling to the kidnap and ransom of younger siblings, (a certain young brother never did fully recover from being tied up and locked in a wardrobe)....
Anyway, one of our favourite activities, after seeing the film Mary Poppins was to attempt to fly.  This, we thought, could be achieved by parachuting off the garage roof with my Dad's open golf umbrella.  Needless to say this did not end well, and, much to our parents relief, we decided to turn to other less dangerous things.  Having one day delved into the contents of my Mum's perfume boxes, I was convinced we could be the next Coco Chanel and start our own perfumery.  How difficult could it be??!!!  Firstly, obviously, we would need lots of rose petals, of the fragrant variety.  And where would we get said petals?  Well. That, to us was the easy bit.  Dawn raids on all the neighbouring gardens.  For some reason, as can be seen in the photo, we decided to dress up for the occasion.  This of course seriously hampered our get away and it was only a matter of time before we were caught. I guess you could say red handed!!!

Back in the present, and smelling sweetly of traditionally made perfume, I'm enjoying this lovely late summer, early autumn sunshine.  The garden is still in bloom and my dogs are enjoying their romps in the fields.  Happy days!!!

Sue x