Sunday, 24 August 2014

Birthday bash

September happens to be the birthday month of one of my oldest friends, and, as expected, she's planning a bit of a bash.  Now, over the past few years she's had all sorts of ideas to celebrate the passing of time. We've had everything from the traditional 'girly' shopping trips and restaurant meals, (my sort of thing) to the rather scary 'scantily clad bloke' type of evening, (definitely not my sort of thing)...This year's event, I've just been informed will be a 'sleepover'...In response to my rather quizzical expression Janey went on to explain the finer details. This in effect boils down to a group of errr, middle aged women lounging around someone's house probably in pj's like a bunch of teenagers.  "There'll be lots of drink, food, and a heated swimming pool" enthused Janey.  Not in that order I'm thinking to myself, an unwelcome image of multiple drownings forming in my mind..  "Well it's very generous of whoever is providing all this" I replied.  "Yes" she continued. "Sam has kindly offered her hospitality for the evening. Hubby's going to the pub or locking himself in his study  or something, and we'll have the house to ourselves"  Poor bloke, I only hope he doesn't make an unscheduled appearance and finish up in the pool with a load of pjama clad drunken women thinking he's the 'entertainment'!!!

Bye for now
Sue x

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Happy holidays everyone.  Time to enjoy some relaxation and sunshine...Well, if you are fortunate enough to be in hot climes that is, for us poor souls here it's a  more a case of rain dodging and layers.  Seems the autumn wardrobe may be making an earlier than expected appearance...

On the subject of fashion. I'm planning madly for a forthcoming photo shoot which is taking place at the fabulous Cliveden House.  Among the sets planned is swimwear at the very famous pool...How exciting!!!  

To bring things back down to earth, I just had to share yet another humorous, if a little dangerous 'Dad moment'... In an effort to try and help him kick the smoking habit, especially as, following an eye operation he's under doctor's orders not to smoke, I bought him an electronic cigarette.  What could possibly go wrong, I thought as he settled down to watch athletics on tv, with a cuppa.....Plenty, it turned out.  I popped my head round the door to hear him muttering in frustration about something.  "What's up?" I asked casually. "It's this cigarette", he said waving a lighter around, "I can't get it to light!".... Eeeeek!! By my calculations, we were about a minute away from being blown up!!!    E cigarette now confiscated!!

Latest of my Kennett watch photos, below, which I must say I'm really enjoying being involved with.

Bye for now ..
Sue x

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A Mum moment

It was only a couple of blogs ago that my Dad made it into print. This due, mainly to an unfortunate incident with a garden parasol.  Well now it's my Mum's turn.  I think I may have mentioned that my cousin in Australia is enthusiastically  researching our family history. At the moment she is trying to place a couple of names that have cropped up, and, as Mum is now the only surviving member of the previous generation I decided to ask if she remembered them.  Unfortunately, I didn't pick a particularly good moment to broach the subject as she had just returned from a 'girly' (average age 82) lunch.  Clearly one or two Bacardi breezes had been consumed as this is how the conversation went....
Me.."Do you remember Pat and David Rowan?"
Mum.."Jane  Parkhead"
Mum.."Her son's often in the pub, he's workshy, never had a job."
Me..."Who are they?"
Mum..."He's his son"
Me.."Who's son?"
Me..(totally bewildered) "how can that be, do you mean brother?...
Mum..."Errr Not sure"
Me..."Surely they would have the same surname, unless someone's remarried, maybe, possibly?!!"
Mum.."Yes,  she did remarry. A factory owner I think"
Me.. (Thinking I may be getting somewhere) "So was he called Parkhead?"
Mum.."Can't remember, she was always just Pat to me"
Me...(even more bewildered) "Pat? Thought we were talking about Jane Parkhead?"
Mum... "Hmmm!" Let me think!!"
Me.. "Anyway, back to the David connection, perhaps you could ask Jane Parkhead?"
Mum.."Not easily"
Mum.."She'd dead!!"

I am now getting the distinct impression that Mum's not really into this family history stuff.

Anyway, back to the present, and some new photo offerings..

Sue x