Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Happy holidays everyone.  Time to enjoy some relaxation and sunshine...Well, if you are fortunate enough to be in hot climes that is, for us poor souls here it's a  more a case of rain dodging and layers.  Seems the autumn wardrobe may be making an earlier than expected appearance...

On the subject of fashion. I'm planning madly for a forthcoming photo shoot which is taking place at the fabulous Cliveden House.  Among the sets planned is swimwear at the very famous pool...How exciting!!!  

To bring things back down to earth, I just had to share yet another humorous, if a little dangerous 'Dad moment'... In an effort to try and help him kick the smoking habit, especially as, following an eye operation he's under doctor's orders not to smoke, I bought him an electronic cigarette.  What could possibly go wrong, I thought as he settled down to watch athletics on tv, with a cuppa.....Plenty, it turned out.  I popped my head round the door to hear him muttering in frustration about something.  "What's up?" I asked casually. "It's this cigarette", he said waving a lighter around, "I can't get it to light!".... Eeeeek!! By my calculations, we were about a minute away from being blown up!!!    E cigarette now confiscated!!

Latest of my Kennett watch photos, below, which I must say I'm really enjoying being involved with.

Bye for now ..
Sue x

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  1. Once again lovely pictures, liked the evening dress.
    Your father is so lucky to have you to fuss him.