Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Having eaten all my advent calendar choccies, and opened nearly all my prezzies, (naughty, naughty me!) I'd like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year....

Hope Santa is very good to you!!

Sue x

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Come die with me!!!

Oh, am I glad to be alive and well this morning!!  To understand the meaning of this comment I have to backtrack several months to an idea mooted over dinner in a lovely restaurant with a group of close friends.  All of us are fanatical foodies, (and of course drinkies), and think we can cook reasonably well, so I guess it was inevitable that someone would eventually suggest our very own version of 'Come dine with me'...Well the first of these took place last night. Janey treated us to a very ambitious dish comprising mainly of wild exotic mushrooms, which, she informed us, had been freshly gathered only that morning.  We all exchanged anxious glances, wishing fervently that she'd said 'professionally' gathered, and tentatively took a mouthful.  Delicious, no doubt, but could it also be deadly!!??..."I'm thinking of cooking this for my latest love" she announced, with a rather sinister look on her face, " I've heard he's been seen with another woman", she continued, visciously spearing a mushroom on her fork. "So I need to create a very special dinner for our date on Saturday"... ..She suddenly goes silent, catches the expression on our faces and bursts out laughing..."You weren't thinking that I???, were you?"  ...
I am now working on ideas for my own dinner party...Not one to be outdone I'm thinking along the lines of that Japanese puffa fish dish....That'll show em!!

In the meantime, 'That time of year has crept up again' (I keep seeing groups of santas huddled together, fags in mouths outside pubs, so it must be!) It's now  time to brave the loft and play 'hunt the Christmas decorations'.  (No doubt I'll soon be needing the number of an emergency electrician!)...

Happy shopping, and remember guys, the woman in your life will probably love anything fluffy, (luxury bathrobe) and scented, (perfume and candles)....And, unless you have exquisite taste, try to avoid lingerie!!!  

Sue x

Sunday, 17 November 2013

New boots...

These boots definitely aren't made for walking....Especially to the pub and back!!! 

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Notes from the bewildered

.What a week!!!  Just when I thought all was well with the parents, off we go again. My Dad, bless him, who at 85 is seriously struggling to come to terms with having to give up his driving licence, has decided he is not ready to vacate the roads just yet.  Having come up with several ingenious ideas to keep himself mobile, his latest is...A BIKE!!!  Various unwelcome thoughts come to mind. Images of Dad, on a motor bike, zooming along the high street like some sort of geriatric hells angel, or wobbling along the road on a push bike, dressed all in Lycra, his legs shaved for extra speed....shouting abuse at anyone unfortunate enough to get in his way.
Do they still do cycling proficiency tests, I wonder?..if so, he would definitely need one, along with stabilisers and the local A&E on speed dial...

Talking of 'senior moments', I'm not immune to the odd one myself. This was very clearly demonstrated at a coffee shop recently.  There was I with a friend, enjoying tea and cakes, when I heard a friendly voice behind me shout "Hello Sue, how are you?"... Shock, horror, that awful moment when you realise this is someone you know well and really like, but cannot recall their name!!......Er, erm, I spluttered as I desperately tried to work out how I was going to handle the inevitable introductions.  Wracking my brain frantically, a name suddenly appeared in my mind, Yes, that must be it, mustn't it?!! In a split second I decided to go with it...As everyone waited expectantly I replied loudly and confidently, "Trudi, how lovely to see you" and was about to make the necessary introductions when she suddenly burst into laughter..."Sue", she giggled, "Trudi is my dog, I'm Tania!"....Oh No!! Please ground, open up and swallow me!!!

In the light of that monumental gaffe, I have decided that, if in doubt, plead temporary amnesia and say nothing..

Till next time ..

Sue x

Friday, 18 October 2013

Notes (not tales!) from the Riverbank...

Here I am at the River Cafe in Matlock, enjoying a rather large cappuccino and an equally large and scrummy cup cake on a gloriously sunny October afternoon. The perfect opportunity for a spot of people watching, (a favourite pastime of mine).  I have Molly with me, (the newest and most lively of my furry family)  who, at the moment, is all loved up with a particularly handsome golden retriever at the next table.  Awww!!

Talking of people watching, (and not in a good way), last week I decided to take the tram into Nottingham  City centre to meet my Mum for lunch and a spot of shopping.  All was well and relatively calm until a group of lads boarded. Loud, brash and possessing the confidence that being in a like minded group creates, they proceeded to try and impress each other.  I watched with interest as, after trying unsuccessfully to engage with the girl, clearly out of his league and unfortunate enough to be sitting next to him, the 'dominant male' of the tribe decided the best course of action to attract her attention would be to treat her to his, (obviously not tried and tested) party trick.  Removing a large brown paper bag from his rucksack, he then removed the contents, (a pair of grotty looking trainers from what I could make out), put them to one side and, yes, folks I did see right.....proceeded to, bit by bit, slowly eat the paper bag, a mouthful at a time...After what seemed an age, and when he had finished, the object of his desire looked impassively and disdainfully at him and said..."Excuse me this is my stop"....
Thankfully, it was also my stop!...


Friday, 11 October 2013

Notes from a sick bed

Oh dear!....Feeling a bit under the weather, today.  So much so, in fact, that, like a Victorian lady with an attack of the vapours, I decided to take to my bed, give in to whatever is ailing me and wait for normality to return.  As I usually have the constitution of an ox, and, with the exception of colds or hangovers, rarely feel unwell, this is definitely bringing out my 'woe is me' side.....There is a plus though. Provided  I'm actually not at death's door, it's sort of quite nice to have a 'duvet day'...

Well last week saw the finale of Coffee and Collectables.  A great finish to what has been a hugely enjoyable 8 months.  I've had interesting conversations with lovely people who share my passion for beautiful things over delicious coffee and cakes.....I'll certainly miss it.  A big thank you and the best of luck to Russ.

Well that's about it for now..

Sue x

Monday, 23 September 2013

Sunday lie in

Well here I am on my weekend away, enjoying a relaxing lie in with the Sunday papers.  No tv here so this is my first foray into world  news for a few days....Have to say this has been more enjoyable, than I thought it would be, no rubbish Saturday night television, just a good book and plenty of mags.  I really must do it more often.
My dogs have benefitted too, extended walks for them and some lovely Autumn sunshine as well.  On a humorous note, I have, during my walks, taken to observing house names.  It always amuses me, the names that people give their houses. Having endured the embarrassment of living during my schooldays in a house named 'Sumar', a name dreamed up by my Mum, (a combination of mine and my brother's names) and proudly displayed on a huge plaque by the front door, I am always interested in them.  My favourite so far has to be 'Bypass View', I do hope, they consider a name  change if they ever want to sell!...
Well that's about it for now...Enjoy the sunshine...
Sue x

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Harvest festival and killer heels

Well here we are into September already ..what a marvellous summer it's been, so much glorious sunshine...Too hot even for my Aussie relatives when they visited back in May.  So, you would think, wouldn't you, that come this time of year , the fruit trees and vines that I planted last year would be laden with delicious fruits.   Not so...As usual, my crop has produced a strange collection of small, wizened and misshapened oddities that resemble something from an agricultural experiment ... Have to wonder what my lovely grandad would have made of them, (he being an expert gardener and producer of enough home grown fruit and veg to keep us all going for months) "never mind luv", he'd have said "I'll pop over and sort out the soil for you "...Awww, I do miss him!...
It's been a slightly better summer at my new venture, Coffee and Collectables.  Having extended out to include clothing and accessories we have been very busy with that side of things....As I'm into dangerous territory, though, I have to remember my mantra 'buy to sell not to keep' when I'm tempted by some slinky little number or a pair of killer heels!
Talking of killer heels, my latest acquisition , (a pair of gorgeous strappy wedges) actually did try to kill me...Not whilst wearing them, which I managed without incident, but when trying to take them off. Note to self, after several Kir Royals, to avoid the possibility of serious injury,  better to sleep in complicated shoes rather than try and remove them.
Well that's about it for now.....No further mishaps to report, thankfully!!
Just enough time before lunch to rustle up a delicious plum crumble.. Thankfully the local farm shop has got an abundant suppy of home grown fruit....
Sue x

Friday, 16 August 2013

Suzy's Blog

Shifting Sands
So excited!!...I have, in my garden, in pride of place a huge stately gazebo...It stands there looking  bit like something from a bedouin camp, tall, elegant and welcoming. I have to admit to being a bit fazed at first when faced with a flat packed array of poles, cord and no less then 45 different nuts and bolts, but, hey, less than 2 hours later and with a team of only 2 of us, (3 if you count the dog), there it was...And it doesn't wobble!...All that's left to do is to furnish it. I'm thinking table and chairs, (obviously) and maybe lanterns, (not the type that start fires, hopefully), a place for wine and glasses, (essential) , and a few Lawrence of Arabia type lounging cushions....Oh, and I guess I will definitely need the sunshine to continue for maximum enjoyment...

So that's the fluffy enjoyable stuff dealt with which just leaves me with the dull hard labour in the rest of the garden. ....Where do all these weeds keep coming from....Grrrrh!.
Well that's about it for now. Soon be time for a languish and nice glass of chilled white in my not yet collapsed gazebo...

Technical blip and a photo will follow shortly ( Hopefully)

Sue x

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Suzy's Blog

Tantrums and Tiaras 

Hello blog. Yes I know it's been a while since we last spoke, and yes I admit I have neglected you, but here we are, reunited at last.
So what's been happening in my world over the last few weeks?....Well, apart from major frustration with my new devil phone, (now returned to Satan) I have been concentrating on the new addition to the shop, vintage and modern clothing. Have to say I do find vintage clothes fascinating, must be something do do with my preoccupation with dressing up in my Mum's clothes when I was a child. Oh the childhood memories, many a day was spent traipsing round the garden in a ten sizes too big ballgown, (my mum was a bit of a socialite in her day) glittery dancing shoes and a tiara, pretending I was Cinderella. My poor long suffering brother always used to make himself scarce on those occasions in case I roped him in as prince charming! Felix, the pet cat wasn't safe either. Long before the current trend of bling collars for pets, Felix was quite the glamour puss, regularly adorned with diamant√© necklaces and a little lace neckerchief, sitting haughty on a velvet cushion. All very well until one day he was spotted sprinting across the lawn wearing one of my Mum's favourite  satin scarves....Oh, happy days..

 Vintage frocks seem to have an air of glamour and mystery about them, and the very fact that many of them are still around today is testament to the fine quality of the fabrics and workmanship. Can't see many of the clothes currently hanging in my wardrobe still being around in fifty or so years. 

Anyway, back to the present, Poor Russ, he comes back from holiday nicely chilled and relaxed to find the place full of women's clothing. It must have been like walking into a giant wardrobe!..

Couldn't resist revisiting the dressing up box of my childhood again and getting a picture taken in this beautiful 1920s gown!

 Toodle Pip x

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Suzy's Blog

As I'm still still trying to get to grips with my new phone, (note to self, avoid phones cleverer tham me in future) I have decided to keep this blog short and sweet...Not a bad idea as this is my third attemp at writing this, the first two were accidentally deleted just as I got to the last paragraph....(a few unprintable words were flying about I can tell you!)
Anyway, what I'd like to say is how relaxing June has been so far, (apart from aforementioned phone) compared to a hectic May.  Plenty of time to catch up on a few things  that I've been putting off, new window display at C&C, a bit of buying and a revamp of my website, maybe even a you tube channel,  (blimey, sound and vision..eeek!)  So lots of things to get stuck into. 
Hope you like the two recent photos,  no cartoon this time, a bit too much for my basic grasp of this phone..
Well I seem to have made it to the last paragraph again...Try to press the right key this time...Here goes!!!
Sue x

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Suzy's blog

Dame Edna and other Possums

Since Friday I've been unable to
 stop humming the 10cc song, 'I don't like cricket....' (dreadlock holiday), must be something to do with the Aussies being over at mine on the same day we beat Australia at cricket...hee hee! Not that I'm a cricket fan, just that everyone else seemed to be, (almost fanatical in fact), so I got sort of carried away with  it all.....Jimmy who? Oh Yes, Anderson!...

Anyway, my lunch party, which I had expected to be a few hours over some food and drink, turned into a marathon 8 hours during which we polished off several bottles of red and white wine, a bottle of champers, 9 bottles of beer and half a bottle of Remy, (the only leftovers were 6 bottles of non alcoholic beer, bought by mistake and ignored by everyone)... And how did we finish the day off?...A visit to the pub!!..

 After a few days recovery, (yes, as I expected the hangover was pretty severe!) I can honestly say that these days a lunch that lasts longer than 7 hours and rounded off with a visit to the pub, whilst fun, is just a bit too much...In fact the whole day was a bit like living in an ad for Fosters lager!...We even had the sunshine!
Quick change of subject and country, I am ecstatic to report that my gorgeous french sofa now has an equally gorgeous friend...a matching chair.

Talking of blasts From The Past

OOOOh Sunny days .....

 Perfect for sitting and enjoying a lovely glass of chilled white, I thought!...well it would be if I had any left!.....

G'night Possums!
Sue x

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Suzy's Blog

French sofas, shoes and Les Miserables 

It is now day seven of my miserable no cake, chocolate or biscuits diet, (I am, of course, still allowing myself alcohol) and I have now reached the severe withdrawal stage.  I should have realised I was at crisis point when the chocolate candle became the fragrance of choice and the dogs bonios started to look appetising!....I wouldn't mind all this were it not for the fact that, after all this effort, denial and self discipline, (a new thing for me, I have to say) I feel absolutely no different....boo hoo!!
Anyway, enough of all this poor me routine, I have had one major indulgence this last week, (which is helping take my mind of choccy) in the form of an exquisite antique french sofa.  This spectacular thing of beauty is residing grandly in my sitting room in all its gorgeousness, oozing sex appeal, (well it is french after all!) and making everything around it wilt in its presence. It almost  seems to be saying, 'don't dare sit on me'!!...Just have to hope my cat takes note, as she's rather partial to a cosy nap on a sofa,but then she's Persian so she probably doesn't understand french!!..
At least I can sit for a moment on it !!

Continuing on a french theme, I just have to pay homage to another recent acquisition, shoes. Utterly beautiful and very Parisian....Aren't I a lucky girl!! All I need now is a suitable occasion to wear them at.
Please excuse my final comment, but I just can't resist finishing on a very apt quote, (although I don't think she did actually say this) from Marie Antoinette....'Let them eat cake'!....Oh yes, could you make that a double chocolate one, please!!
Happy days and....Au revoir!!..

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Suzy's Blog

Sunshine and champagne

Just when I thought it would never happen summer seems to have arrived..(well for the last three hours anyway) In order to make the most of it, and following the best bit of health advice I've ever read, (apparently champagne is now considered to be good for us) I decided to raid the rack and open a bottle of bubbly.  So here I am enjoying a warm sunny afternoon with a book and a glass of champers...bliss!!

I'm hoping this is just the start of a month of celebrations, worthy of a bit of cork popping.  After a disappointing start when I was unable to make a 'page 3' reunion dinner in London, I now have a couple of interesting events to look forward to. (may still get to wear my new frock after all!)
Something I'm definitely not celebrating is the news delivered by the vet that Olive, my lovely sweet Shar Pei has been diagnosed as being almost completely deaf.  'Poor little thing', said my Mum, sympathetically, 'she'll now have something in common with your Dad'..

.. Hmmm! I always thought it was a bit of selective deafness with my Dad, funny how he never seems to have a problem hearing the football commentary!...
Oh well, on that note I'd better get back to my health initiative before the bubbles go flat. That certainly wouldn't do, would it!!.
Talking of sunshine , which appears to be a distant memory at the moment .....Here is another distant memory ....!!

Have a lovely  weekend, and make the most of any  sunshine...
Sue x
Ps Oh dear, should have posted this earlier, it's now raining....Back to the wellies!!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Suzy's Blog

Saturday morning lie in and picnics in the park...

Oh the indulgence!...It's 8 am on a Saturday and here I am still in bed. Two
dogs one cat, and me, reclining contentedly, watching breakfast t.v whilst the sunshine, (yes, actual sunshine) makes an appearance through my bedroom window.  Can't languish around for too long though, as I've planned a picnic in the park with my dogs later.  I'm fantasising about wine chilling in the stream, cream cheese and smoked salmon nibbles and two impeccably behaved dogs relaxing in the sunshine. I'll be wearing a floppy hat, sunnies and a nice itsy bitsy frock....How lovely, but, dream on I suspect the reality will be a lot different!..

So Maybe a book or two ......

talking  of sun and flimsies , well not exactly .....but I hosted a fantastic 'french fancies' evening with some of my friends .....fair to say they embraced Can Can and oooo La La to perfection.......here is my contribution....

Also later, if this weather continues, I'm looking forward to the possibility of a glass of wine, (or two!) and a meal outside on my terrace, first of many over the summer I hope. Again, I suspect it'll be a case of dream on!..

After the dreams come the nightmare...I have recently been trying to sort out a banking problem on behalf of my Mum. Following a monumental blunder on their part and much wrangling, they finally agreed to send her flowers by way of apology.  Yesterday she finally took delivery of a bouquet of 'flowers'...What a frightening sight, strange looking thistle type things accompanied by angry looking spikey green foliage, all tied up with purple ribbon.  A bit like something from the film The Day Of The Triffids....No doubt about it, this was definitely not sent with love!!
Finally, on a more pleasant note, I am looking forward to a girls only shopping trip soon, can't wait!....
Bye for now!
Sue x

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Suzy's Blog

Pink pyjamas and a bit of a do

I am, courtesy of my mother, the proud owner of a pair of bright pink pyjamas. Now, whilst I realise that this isn't exactly headline news, I'm pretty sure that it has some relevance, (probably by coincidence) to the fact that I have always been lousy at early mornings.  Dragging myself out of bed has always been a huge effort for me, and I've long since accepted that I'm definitely not a 'morning person', so the annual change to B. S. T and the loss of a precious hour in bed, always comes as a bit of a shock, (being greeted by a deluge of snow on the first day of summer didn't help either!)....So, anyway, in case you're wondering what I'm rambling on about,  that is the connection to the pink pyjamas!...Well, sort of!..
A couple of weeks on, though, and with a bit of a change in the weather, I am now well and truly out of hibernation, (and pyjamas), and fully embracing the change in seasons. It's not just me, either,Bonbon, my cossetted persian cat, ( who hasn't left the house since last August) has ventured outside.

Ok, so it was a bit of a brief adventure, but nonetheless, there she was, on the terrace, indulging in a spot of sunbathing before returning to her more usual position, sleeping on her favourite cushion by the sitting room window.
As for me, well I've been fussing about in the garden, planting things and reinstating the garden furniture, in the hope that I shall, before too long, be relaxing in the sunshine with a good book and a nice glass of crisp white.....luuuuurvly!
Summer , remember one of those ....well this Blast From The Past was certainly in the sunshine ...

  ? Sunshine ...well who knows , but maybe this is the last time for a warm collar for a while ...we can hope !

Something else to get excited about came out of the blue last week...An invitation to a very glamorous event in London, very swish! Now I wish I could say more but having been sworn to secrecy, (very James Bond), I can say no more till after the do....What I can say though is that, having checked out my wardrobe and found it sadly lacking in anything other than wellies and woollies, some  serious dress shopping is called for, me thinks!!..Whaaay!!
Happy spring everyone, bye for now
Sue x

Monday, 25 March 2013

Suzy's Blog

Snow, Snow, Snow!!

Having spent the weekend virtually snowed in, and with far too much nonproductive time on my hands, I thought I'd do a bit of an update on my event planning.  Friday was particularly frustrating as I wasn't able to get to C & C and change the window display. Even more frustrating was realising that the local paper had done a bit of a feature on us, and poor Russ, (my business colleague) was suddenly swamped by a stampede of 'women of a certain age' clamouring for drinks and cake.  Just hope the interest continues, (and the weather improves)for our event next Saturday...Details below. Looking forward to a fun day, with music, edibles and some great discounts.

Buns and a Boogie event
Saturday 30th March 10am to 5pm
Coffee and Collectables
Titchfield Terrace
Off High Street

Oh well back to shovelling snow away...Happy spring!!
Sue x

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Suzy's Blog

 Of Mice and Men (or should that be women?)

 For those of you who have been following my missives you will know that I have been preoccupied of late with a very small mouse which managed to find it's way into my bathroom and set up home amongst the cotton wool balls.  Well, just as I feared, numerous attempts to tempt it out have failed miserably.  I've tried cheese in a box, (not the right cheese, obviously), a chocolate trail, mice adore chocolate apparently, (but not this one), and, my last and most spectacular failure was an attempt to physically catch it, (doomed!)....More on this saga no doubt, over the coming weeks.
 Well the garden is once again covered in a blanket of snow, (a bit miffed really as I actually did some work in the garden recently) what a great start to Spring, (no wonder the mouse prefers to live in my bathroom)...no chance of a glass of wine on my terrace with the sun on my face just yet!  This winter just goes on and on..
 On a happier and more positive note I am pleased to report that the coffee and collectables shop that I'm involved with is doing well.  We have a launch event planned for the 30th of March, music and atmosphere aplenty, so fine weather, pleasssssse!, would be so nice to do some 'dancing on the pavement'!.
 In the meantime though I've some 'ghost busting' to deal with at home. I guess a resident spirit is a prerequisite in a very old house,

 and so far I think I've been very tolerant of mine.  Missing keys, phones etc, cold spots and strange goings on, I can cope with all those, but now he/she is affecting my animals. Poor Olive is terrified and refusing to come out of the downstairs loo, and Bonbon is acting strangely  as well, so something has to be done...Oh dear, why does the film The exorcist keep springing to mind?....Noooooo! 
 Talking of old things, I've come across a few nice pieces recently which I couldn't resist buying.  I especially like the 1920's scent bottle I found in a junk shop complete with a tiny drop of perfume at the bottom. I'd love to know more about the person who used it, I like to think of her as  young and beautiful, wearing it for a date with a handsome beau....or maybe for an illicit tryst, (oooooh very naughty!) my imagination is definitely running away with me now. Might she even have been the wife of a successful landowner with a high social standing? the possibilities are endless!.. There could actually be a novel here, or even a movie. Yes  I know I'm getting carried away a bit, but indulge me a little. A Florence setting, lots of opera in the background, and Johnny Depp as the hero, I can see it all now....Book, Movie, Soundtrack!.Cannes here I come!!
 Anyway, back down to earth and before I start choosing a ball gown and rehersing an awards ceremony acceptance speech, I'd better get into my other role as domestic goddess.  Some serious baking is called for in order to produce sufficient cakes for the aforementioned launch party, now where's my pinny?....Soooo rock n roll!!

Talking of ball gowns which I was  well gowns at least .....Here is a Blast From The Past taken in beautiful Sierra Leone

 That's about all for now.....Happy Easter everyone, I wish you all lots of lovely choccy eggs...and Sunny days sat outside just like this .....

 Sue x

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Suzy' s Blog

My Friends and other animals

Talking of animals,which I wasn't , but which seem to occupy most of my time , so I always seem to be talking about them or to them ... (No mention of horse meat I promise!) I seem to have an extra pet, or should that be an uninvited house guest, in the form of a mouse.  Now I know for a lot of people, this would be a terrifying prospect. My Mum, for instance, would have run for the hills by now, but I am made of sterner stuff. After all, I have my weapon of mass destruction. Ok she looks harmless enough now, sleeping on her cushion, but Bonbon, my persian cat is a force to be reckoned with especially where intruders are concerned, (I am slightly concerned as to how the mouse got past the cat in the first place, but, I'll not judge!!).....Well as they appear to be now friends hmmm... I thought A little cartoon of the new friendship might be appropriate 

Now that February is well underway, (I've already had my birthday and Valentines day has been and gone) I was rather surprised to get a Christmas card yesterday. Early or late?, I'm not quite sure, but it seems a shame not to display it, so It now has pride of place on the fireplace in all its festive glory.(maybe I should reinstate the tree and have my own early yuletide)....Funny thing is , the same thing happened last year, same card from the same person.  Need to have a word, I think...
Most of you who know me will know that I am an avid reader and often have two or three books on the go at any one time , I'm also often heard to say " never judge a book by the cover " Well with that in mind here is something found in a bookstore recently ...

I guess, bearing in mind that spring is just around the corner, I should seriously consider coming out of hibernation.  I have spent almost every evening cocooned in my cottage, log fire blazing layer upon layer of clothing on (no onesies though, I draw the line at that!) with a good book ( Maybe the one above , although my Mum is reading it at the moment , I did explain it's not about me )  and the animals curled at my feet, well, on the sofas, to be more precise...But, not for much longer!....I shall soon be up and at 'em!...Gardening, spring cleaning, tidying, toiling away long into the evening, full of energy and enthusiasm, Oh Yes!!...In the meantime, however as the temperature drops again and the swirling fog is like something out of Sherlock Holmes movie, I think I'll definitely be staying by the fire for the time being....Maybe a onesie isn't such a bad idea after all, pink spotted one or a tiger look    I think!..

For now I think log fires and a G and T is the best bet ...

I'll finish with a nod to my more frugal side, (it doesn't show itself very often I have to admit) I've been very tempted to cheer up these long winter days with a spot of retail therapy, but as I've been on a strict shopping diet since Christmas, I have to constantly remind myself of an inspiring phrase by Calvin Coolidge, U.S President 1923 to 1929...He advised, 'There is no dignity quite so impressive, and no independence quite so important as living within your means'......Hmmm! Something I definitely have trouble with!...
Bye for now x

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Suzy's Blog


Well, happy February everyone, a much maligned time of the year, but, as it's my birthday month, and we have Valentines day also, I've learned to love it...
I am, as I type enjoying my favourite activity, (or should that be inactivity!) of the week....Sunday papers and breakfast in bed. Even the dogs are chilled out and snoozing at the bottom of the bed, they know that there'll be no walks till 11 at the earliest..then its all


 Now, back to the papers and before I can actually read any of them, I have to do the usual cull of the supplements. financial pages, far too worrying, consigned to the cat litter tray, health bit, too scary to read, straight in the bin, travel, not planning a holiday so that's gone, driving, well that has to be the most boring of all but makes good fire kindling, and so on...Which leaves me with, well, not a lot really, but it'll still take a couple of enjoyable few hours to get through what's left.  Anyway, something interesting that caught my eye today was in the property section. It seems that the place to have these days is one that has a connection to a famous person or event, then it can be adorned with an English Heritage plaque.  Having once lived in such a house I was quite miffed that I missed such a prestigious opportunity.  However, all is not lost, it appears that, having researched my current property and discovered that nothing of interest ever took place in my cottage,

 I can still have such a plaque, it would say something like..'.On this day in 1700 absolutely nothing happened here'....Sounds perfect to me!.

Well ....I generally throw in a blast from the past ....but today maybe a more recent one ...

Well rather than a Blast From The Past....maybe a pic outside my new venture with a friend ...a fab cafe and antiques and collectables shop ....so lots of blasts from the past I guess....

Oh well, enough of all this, best get walking, come on you two let's get going...

Happy Sunday everyone.