Thursday, 5 September 2013

Harvest festival and killer heels

Well here we are into September already ..what a marvellous summer it's been, so much glorious sunshine...Too hot even for my Aussie relatives when they visited back in May.  So, you would think, wouldn't you, that come this time of year , the fruit trees and vines that I planted last year would be laden with delicious fruits.   Not so...As usual, my crop has produced a strange collection of small, wizened and misshapened oddities that resemble something from an agricultural experiment ... Have to wonder what my lovely grandad would have made of them, (he being an expert gardener and producer of enough home grown fruit and veg to keep us all going for months) "never mind luv", he'd have said "I'll pop over and sort out the soil for you "...Awww, I do miss him!...
It's been a slightly better summer at my new venture, Coffee and Collectables.  Having extended out to include clothing and accessories we have been very busy with that side of things....As I'm into dangerous territory, though, I have to remember my mantra 'buy to sell not to keep' when I'm tempted by some slinky little number or a pair of killer heels!
Talking of killer heels, my latest acquisition , (a pair of gorgeous strappy wedges) actually did try to kill me...Not whilst wearing them, which I managed without incident, but when trying to take them off. Note to self, after several Kir Royals, to avoid the possibility of serious injury,  better to sleep in complicated shoes rather than try and remove them.
Well that's about it for now.....No further mishaps to report, thankfully!!
Just enough time before lunch to rustle up a delicious plum crumble.. Thankfully the local farm shop has got an abundant suppy of home grown fruit....
Sue x


  1. Love that dress, so bright, goes well with the white shoes... first time that you have shown us trousers.....very fetching...Keep the info coming...

  2. Hi Sue It Has been a fabulous summer so lovely to sit outside at night after a busy day at work in the lovely warm sunshine i hope you are keeping vey busy at C and C Love the beautiful of the shoulder blue dress and the white heels looking as always Absolutely gorgeous ,,,fab pic of you in your garden love the strappy wedges and your beautiful beautiful long hair my fav pin up girl happy memories of meeting you at truckfest :-) xx