Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Having eaten all my advent calendar choccies, and opened nearly all my prezzies, (naughty, naughty me!) I'd like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year....

Hope Santa is very good to you!!

Sue x

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Come die with me!!!

Oh, am I glad to be alive and well this morning!!  To understand the meaning of this comment I have to backtrack several months to an idea mooted over dinner in a lovely restaurant with a group of close friends.  All of us are fanatical foodies, (and of course drinkies), and think we can cook reasonably well, so I guess it was inevitable that someone would eventually suggest our very own version of 'Come dine with me'...Well the first of these took place last night. Janey treated us to a very ambitious dish comprising mainly of wild exotic mushrooms, which, she informed us, had been freshly gathered only that morning.  We all exchanged anxious glances, wishing fervently that she'd said 'professionally' gathered, and tentatively took a mouthful.  Delicious, no doubt, but could it also be deadly!!??..."I'm thinking of cooking this for my latest love" she announced, with a rather sinister look on her face, " I've heard he's been seen with another woman", she continued, visciously spearing a mushroom on her fork. "So I need to create a very special dinner for our date on Saturday"... ..She suddenly goes silent, catches the expression on our faces and bursts out laughing..."You weren't thinking that I???, were you?"  ...
I am now working on ideas for my own dinner party...Not one to be outdone I'm thinking along the lines of that Japanese puffa fish dish....That'll show em!!

In the meantime, 'That time of year has crept up again' (I keep seeing groups of santas huddled together, fags in mouths outside pubs, so it must be!) It's now  time to brave the loft and play 'hunt the Christmas decorations'.  (No doubt I'll soon be needing the number of an emergency electrician!)...

Happy shopping, and remember guys, the woman in your life will probably love anything fluffy, (luxury bathrobe) and scented, (perfume and candles)....And, unless you have exquisite taste, try to avoid lingerie!!!  

Sue x