Monday, 23 September 2013

Sunday lie in

Well here I am on my weekend away, enjoying a relaxing lie in with the Sunday papers.  No tv here so this is my first foray into world  news for a few days....Have to say this has been more enjoyable, than I thought it would be, no rubbish Saturday night television, just a good book and plenty of mags.  I really must do it more often.
My dogs have benefitted too, extended walks for them and some lovely Autumn sunshine as well.  On a humorous note, I have, during my walks, taken to observing house names.  It always amuses me, the names that people give their houses. Having endured the embarrassment of living during my schooldays in a house named 'Sumar', a name dreamed up by my Mum, (a combination of mine and my brother's names) and proudly displayed on a huge plaque by the front door, I am always interested in them.  My favourite so far has to be 'Bypass View', I do hope, they consider a name  change if they ever want to sell!...
Well that's about it for now...Enjoy the sunshine...
Sue x


  1. Hi Sue Lovely to hear you had a fab weekend away the weather has been beautiful hope this lovely weather lasts as long as possible ...Wow what a fabulous pic sue love the little black dress and those killer heels are so beautiful (they look to nice to wear) looking super super gorgeous ! Please keep the blogs coming sue take care always xx

  2. I see that I missed out to David again....
    Love the outfit, the shoes look wonderful, can you walk in them?
    keep the news coming.

  3. Lady of beauty...wish I was turning those pages for You'''at your feet....xxxxx stunning in nylon.....