Sunday, 3 February 2013

Suzy's Blog


Well, happy February everyone, a much maligned time of the year, but, as it's my birthday month, and we have Valentines day also, I've learned to love it...
I am, as I type enjoying my favourite activity, (or should that be inactivity!) of the week....Sunday papers and breakfast in bed. Even the dogs are chilled out and snoozing at the bottom of the bed, they know that there'll be no walks till 11 at the earliest..then its all


 Now, back to the papers and before I can actually read any of them, I have to do the usual cull of the supplements. financial pages, far too worrying, consigned to the cat litter tray, health bit, too scary to read, straight in the bin, travel, not planning a holiday so that's gone, driving, well that has to be the most boring of all but makes good fire kindling, and so on...Which leaves me with, well, not a lot really, but it'll still take a couple of enjoyable few hours to get through what's left.  Anyway, something interesting that caught my eye today was in the property section. It seems that the place to have these days is one that has a connection to a famous person or event, then it can be adorned with an English Heritage plaque.  Having once lived in such a house I was quite miffed that I missed such a prestigious opportunity.  However, all is not lost, it appears that, having researched my current property and discovered that nothing of interest ever took place in my cottage,

 I can still have such a plaque, it would say something like..'.On this day in 1700 absolutely nothing happened here'....Sounds perfect to me!.

Well ....I generally throw in a blast from the past ....but today maybe a more recent one ...

Well rather than a Blast From The Past....maybe a pic outside my new venture with a friend ...a fab cafe and antiques and collectables shop lots of blasts from the past I guess....

Oh well, enough of all this, best get walking, come on you two let's get going...

Happy Sunday everyone.


  1. You really are good with the drawings, you could make a living as a cartoonist..... Love the red dress. hope that the new venture is successful.
    Keep the news coming.....

  2. Happy Birthday for the 10th feb sue x i bet your postman was busy on Valentine"s day x love the cartoons always make me smile and give me a giggle you look soooo gorgeous and very sexy in the red dress! Wishing you loads good luck with your new venture keeping everything crossed for you sue you look simply beautiful and gorgeous in the black dress and thigh high boots and such lovely lovely long hair My fav pin up girl xx