Monday, 21 January 2013

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Delia and other domestic ideas

I woke today to another snowy day and decided the only cure for it was breakfast in bed with the morning papers, followed by a long walk with the dogs..Have to say the former was considerably more enjoyable than the latter.  Attempting to walk two strong excitable dogs on ice and snow resulted in more manouvers than a contestant on Dancing on Ice.
On the plus side, though, spending more time than usual confined indoors has brought out my inner domestic goddess, (never thought I'd hear myself say that!)...I now have a (almost) gleaming house, and a kitchen full of my attempts at baking...Scones, pastries, cakes, you name it, I've made it!...Have to admit to a disaster with a panna cotta though, the finished item bore more than a passing resemblance to a breast implant, too much gelatin I think! (maybe I can patent it)!?

You get the idea......well sort of......

I did manage to get out of snow boots and that eskimo look for a moment .....although not for long brrrrr

Well , if I can get the car out today I'm doing a spot of antique hunting ( a favourite pastime) ,,,

And talking of Blasts from the Past .....and bringing back memories of glorious sunshine ( if you can remember such days) ...

Time to go, think I can smell something burning!...
Sue x


  1. Nice to hear that you are enjoying your domestic duties, I am sure that you must enjoy something different now and again.
    The dogs must be quite a handful, but they will love the snow.
    Lovely pictures to keep us going until you get outside again.
    PS did not know that you could draw.

  2. Hate the snow sue ! Breakfast in bed sounds lovely was it bacon and eggs ? bet Olive and Brewster love playing in the snow but a bit cold on those toes of yours :-( Cake oh yummy did you have any spare cup cakes going lol oh no tell us please you did not burn anything ! another great cartoon maybe you could draw one and auction it ?? PHEW never seen that dress before sue you look SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL ! and sooooo sexy ! where did that dress come from sue ? looks amazing on you !! Happy memories of you in your blast from the past pic turn round lol what a lovely pic ! we deserve a hot summer this year sue after all the rain then you can get out those heels and dresses to match ! my fav pin up girl since my teens how i wish now i had my pic taken with you when i met you at truckfest ! xx