Sunday, 13 January 2013

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New year blues
January 7th, one week into 2013, and not the best of starts to a new year, I have to say.  It's always very promising to begin with, super hyped at the stroke of midnight on Jan 1st, anything and I mean anything can be achieved, the gym, bring it on, a dry January, no problem, Oh and why not throw in a chocolate fast and full on detox for good measure!...I can do them all!.....Well that was the intention anyway!..So what went wrong, I hear you say, (after all, something always does!)...So far, so not particularly good, the chocolate fast failed along with the detox, the gym never really stood a chance, (especially after I dropped a log on my foot and bruised my toe), and the less said about 'dry January' the better....But, hey, better luck next year!
Thought I might sum up my blog with a cartoon each week , what do you think ?

But enough of these blues ...A Burlesque Show will brighten up any evening and I have some ideas to do just that ...

A little bit of Ooooh La la

But away from the fans , frills and stockings and all things burlesque ....

And as I haven't mentioned my antique hunting and selling , I thought this blast from the past might suffice

That's all for now

Sue x


  1. Hope that you have the heating turned up, that outfit does not cover very
    much of you, what about a video of the new burlesque scene?
    Sorry your new year resolutions did not last. but why change a good format.
    Keep up the blog.

  2. Happy 2013 Sue :-) A choccie fast no...not with all those yummy choccies from thourtons ! lovely cartoon can you please start every blog with a cartoon of your week ! omg did you want me to rub your toe better lol be careful with those logs sue ! .....Oh wow would LOVE to see you in a burlesque show ! hope your ideas come true ! phew you look soooo soooo hot, gorgeous and very sexy in your burlesque costume loving the stockings and killer heels ! a little bit of Ooooo La La don"t you mean a lot !!! looking very beautiful and so sexy in your little black dress and boots and such gorgeous lovely long blonde hair !!!! Keep up with your antique hunting and selling look out for those bargains sue ! Happy memories of you during your page 3 days a truly amazing pic of youu taken by beverley goodway a legend of page 3 how i remember you from your days on page 3 so so gorgeous and very beautiful and you have that smoldering look that makes me go weak at the knees ! please keep up the blogs i LOVE them sue xxx