Sunday, 30 December 2012

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Tinsel and Turkey

Having survived Christmas,

Well not quite Christmas , but this was Christmas Eve at home , glass of wine and a log fire

 I'm now in the recovery period, and whilst I wouldn't go so far as to use the word 'fast', I am certainly trying to resist the last of the trifle, chocolates and mince pies....(sooooo hard!)
All in all Christmas with my parents wasn't too bad, apart from Dad losing his hearing aid battery and trying to train the cat to sit, (he's more a dog person, my Dad!)...We even managed a boxing day walk around Matlock, although we missed seeing the raft race, because I got the time wrong!...
Talking of walks, I enjoyed a lovely refreshing day out at Chatsworth today with the dogs, they loved getting wet and muddy.

With the fantastic Chatsworth House in the background and the equally beautiful Bru with me

And from one Blast From The Past to another , if you see what I mean !

Looking forward to new year now. A nice relaxing quiet one for me this year, I think.
A happy, prosperous and healthy 2013 to everyone...
Sue x


  1. A healthy and happy new year to you... Love the news, the picture of you in front of the fire was one of the years best, so seasonal and that was just the wine.... the light blue dress sensational, the light colour really suits you, love the decorative sleeves. Bru is enormous , you do well to control him... keep the news coming in the new year....

  2. Wishing my fav pin up girl a happy new year amd a prosperous and healthy 2013 ! Mmmmm you look soooo gorgeous and very beautiful sitting by your fire lovely dress watch you don"t burn those legs sue lol love open fires always make a home more special ...Yoo have a lovely christmas card in the background sue who sent you that sue? stunning photo with you and brewster at chastworth house phew you look so so sexy ! happy memories when you was on the cover of the camara magazine how i remember you in your page 3 days very very beautiful and such lovely long hair i"ve always loved that ..Wishing you fabulous and wonderful success in 2013 i"m keeping everything crossed for you sue loads love and new year hugs :-) xxx