Monday, 24 December 2012

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Christmas panic and bathroom disasters....

Well, Christmas and the big holiday is almost here and I'm trying desperately not to panic.  It's all turning out to be last minute again, just like last year and, come to think of it, the year before that, and all previous years.  In my defence, I have to say this time it's not all my fault, the blame definitely lies with a bathroom....It all started several weeks ago when I rather rashly insisted my parents stay with me for Christmas, despite the guest bathroom being short of a few essentials, (namely a loo, washbasin and shower).  Not to worry, I thought, full of optimism, I'll soon get it fixed, and in less than a week...course I will!!.....And guess what, I did!, I'm not saying it was without problems, the plumber shouting down for a bucket and towels was a low point, not to mention the expense, ouch!! and probably the most serious of all, running out of time for my hair appointment, (a do it yourself fringe cut is not a good look for Christmas!).
Any way here I am, a couple of days left to sort my self out, relax and, best of all, ENJOY!...Crikey, I'm even starting to look forward to it, especially starting on the bubbly at 10 am on Christmas day, which somehow seems perfectly normal!, (Christmas does have its good points)...

Talking of Christmas !

And every girl needs a little black dress at Christmas with that in mind a little Christmas present ....

And of course a little Christmas past ........

Have a wonderful time everyone...


  1. Glad you are ready for the big day, keep the news coming in the new year,
    We have to have something to look forward to... Happy Xmas, keep well.

    1. Cannot agree more KJ keep the news coming loving your blogs sue x

  2. Hi Sue

    Where has this year gone ! Glad you got your bathroom sorted out for xmas oh no a plumber shouting down for a towel and a bucket must have been a total nightmare hope the carpets have dried out :-) Your hair ALWAYS look beautiful sue always loved your long hair from your page 3 days if you did not say would never had known you cut your own fringe you cannot notice sue ....WOW you look super gorgeous and soooo sexy in your santa outfit you can come down my chimmney any day dressed like that lol cracking little black dress would look amazing with some black heels and the red nails show up so well against the dress now where did i keep that missatole so i can sneak a christmas kiss lol loving the blast from the past happy memories wish it was that hot outside now oh well at least it"s mild that the most we can hope for this time of the year but i wish somebody would fix that leak in the sky now that plumber of yours has another job mind you he would need a long ladder lol Have a WONDERFUL christmas sue and not to much choccie now lol big hugs :-) x x x