Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Suzy's Blog

Hi from a chilly Derbyshire,
Well it's all log fires and snow showers here, very seasonal and festive, Christmassy even!, There I've mentioned it, the dreaded word, CHRISTMAS!!..I'm trying desperately to ignore it all, in the vain hope it might pass me by, (I know, bah humbug and all that!) If only for the sake of my bank balance. After all, it's only just recovered from last year, but no, here we go again...
It sort of all started last weekend with the ' Victorian Christmas Shopping' event.  A festive experience of shop assistants in full Victorian costumes handing out complimentary glasses of mulled wine and mince pies, (I have to admit to a fondness for both!)
all very nice, but if it were a true victorian Christmas, then it would be an apple or an orange and very little else.
Anyway, enough of all this, I'm sure, come next week I'll be in the thick of it and (hopefully) enjoying every festive minute, even the dreaded supermarket shop!..(well maybe that's a step too far!)..
Talking of steps, needless to say I'm hoping for shoes in every colour from Mr Santa, (baby!) or failing that a few diamonds might be nice! Ummm! (Whoever said girls were difficult to buy for clearly had no idea and was probably male!)
Hoping to meet up with a few rather neglected girlfriends soon, I'm desperate to catch up on all the gossip. Rumour has it that my newly single friend has found luuurv, (the real thing this time apparently)....Poor bloke, unknown to him she's already arranged for us all to meet, and at his place naturally! (a house she's yet to visit herself but of course has already googled!)...I almost feel sorry for him!..
Well to come back to the beginning, I feel quite pleased with myself, in true country wench style, I foraged in the woods for some logs for the fire, (well kindling actually), laid them nicely on the hearth to dry and guess what!....the dog thought I'd brought the woods home for him and wee'd on them!..Great!!
Talking of dogs ....on a visit to the beautiful Felley Priory, A fave haunt of mine I met the most gorgeous male ....all four legs and fur and a wet nose ! What more could a girl ask for .....apart from the fact he is soooo Grumpy....Well you can't have everything ....Meet Mr Grumps

See I said he was beautiful !!
And whilst I was there I managed a quick snap ,

And I know you enjoy a Blast From The Past so here goes ....

Taken in Sweden , thank goodness for warm studios ( occasionally )
OK , well bye for now and happy Christmas shopping

Sue x


  1. Hi Sue

    Where has this year gone It"s nearly christmas ! What was you doing yesterday at 12 12 on 12 12 12 won"t get a date like that again in our lifetime ! ..Love the christmas markets their was a lovely one in lincoln last weekend sadly did not have the chance to go due to work but been before really lovely day out mulled wine and mince pies both lovely ! ...Oh supermarket shopping can you get me some bread and milk please sue lol bet you would rather be shopping for shoes and handbags :-) a girl can never have enough shoes in every colour ...Oh dear sue which one of your dogs wee"d on those logs i bet it was olive ! ...When you was taking about that gorgeous male i thought for one min you was taking about me then i found out it was Mr Grumps sadly i don"t have 4 legs fur and a wet nose :-) look absolutely gorgeous and beautiful in the pic taken at Felley Priory lovely little black dress, Jacket and pixie heels and such lovely lovely long hair Sue you look so so simply stunning and sooo Sexy ..You know i love the blast from the past pic"s soooo very sexy in this pic how i remember you from your page 3 days lovely red lipstick that shows up even more against the yellow dress and flawless beautiful long hair !!! Take care sue keep wearing those heels and not to many mince pies save me one lol x x

  2. Lovely to have you back on air and to catch up on your busy life style, what an exciting life you do lead. I do not think that your new found friend looks very happy.....
    Love the "blast from the past pic ", but cannot think why you would want a picture in front of a roller shutter door....
    Despite what you say, have a wonderful Xmas...