Sunday, 2 December 2012

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Chimney sweeps and Sing Something Simple....

It's only 1230 pm and I'm feeling like an afternoon nap is called for.  My morning started at an unreasonably early hour, 730 am and there I was awaiting the arrival of the man formerly known as the Chimney Sweep, (he's now a Chimney Technician, apparently.)
Anyway apart from the job title and the acquisition of an assistant, (I shudder to think what's expected of him, he is rather small after all!) nothing much has changed, a flurry of activity,brushes everywhere, several cups of tea. Then the grand finale! invitation/command to 'go outside and look at the brush sticking out of the chimney', (why?!)....It's pouring with rain and here I am standing in the garden not knowing what he's expecting, from me, a round of applause? Clapping? Cheering? Jumping up and down with excitement?.....After a few minutes I decide on a rather unenthusiastic 'um erm, it's there!' and head back indoors...A few minutes later, it's all done and he's heading off in his van, (fully liveried with website details and the words 'follow me on twitter', emblazoned in bright letters!) Ancient meets modern, I guess!
All this made me feel quite nostalgic, I remember my Grandad, a miner all his life and quite an expert on chimneys, always cleaned his own, (Awww, Bless!) Another nostalgic moment was when I read something about Sunday Radio and how dire it was back in the 'good old days', before tv.  How right they are. I remember vividly, (but not fondly) my Mum uttering the words guaranteed to sink me into gloom, 'It's time for Sing Something Simple'....Please, No, I'm depressed enough, already, It's Sunday evening, nothing but school in the morning to look forward to, anything but S. S. S!......Even Jimmy Clitheroe!! Those were the days, eh!!
Talking of old things, I have spent most of this week at my concession in the local antique centre, I now have all the stock arranged perfectly, (a bit like home from home!).. Slightly worried about  'child in sweet shop' syndrome though, so, sell, sell, sell not buy, buy, buy, has to be my new mantra!!...
Anyway enough of all things old and dusty, I'm looking forward  to a spot of shopping for some nice shiny new things, like shoes.....Now have I mentioned shoes recently? ... If not I'll mention them again, shoes!!...My Mum even says my first word was.....Yes, you guessed it Shoes!...

Thought I might start with a Blast from The Past as I was discussing all things antique !! errr I heard that !

And a new one !! and before you start , no lady driver jokes  !!

I'm working on a Christmas picture , all tinsels and bells ....but until then ...

Cheers .......have a lovely day .
Well that's about it for this week....Soon be Christmas, then Easter, then summer....Yippee!...
Bye for now....x


  1. Hi Sue

    I hope when they cleaned out your chimney they did not leave to much of a mess for you to clean up ...maybe his assistant climbs the chimney (as he"s small) to check it"s all clear just a thought ! ....i always remember in my teens waking up at the weekends to "Junior Choice" with Ed "Stewpot" Stewart and during the week listining to Simon Bates on Radio 1 and "Our Tune" always a great listen !....Sue ....You must have loads of shoes then again always room for another pair of killer heels or boots as it"s winter time now love seeing you in pics wearing some lovely shoes ! ! ....Wow sue you look soooo sooo gorgeous,beautiful and very sultry in the blast from the past pic lovely red swimsuit and black heels i"m sure you are a better driver than me sue looking very very pretty in the black dress and cheeky bit of leg the dress has a nice bow on it you come gift wrapped then now what would happen if i pulled that bow lol .....cannot wait to see a pic of you dressed as santa i hope santa is wearing some lovely heels :-) christmas is getting closer sue have to get something nice for xmas for my fav pin up girl ....Heels in a Size 4 ??? have a lovely week sue wrap up warm it"s set to get colder :-( take care xxx

  2. Nice to have you back, sweeps must be in demand, if he has to come at 7.30 am on a sunday?
    I am much older than you, but I only remember a sweep coming to my parents house, so I have to be going back 60 years, the sweep then came on a bike with a small sidecar holding his kit, he was soot covered, and had his advertising on a plate fitted below the cross bar.
    Love that blue dress with the white bow... the car looks super too... the hair seems a different colour in the old photo ?
    Glad your broadband is back...