Wednesday, 12 June 2013

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Since Friday I've been unable to
 stop humming the 10cc song, 'I don't like cricket....' (dreadlock holiday), must be something to do with the Aussies being over at mine on the same day we beat Australia at cricket...hee hee! Not that I'm a cricket fan, just that everyone else seemed to be, (almost fanatical in fact), so I got sort of carried away with  it all.....Jimmy who? Oh Yes, Anderson!...

Anyway, my lunch party, which I had expected to be a few hours over some food and drink, turned into a marathon 8 hours during which we polished off several bottles of red and white wine, a bottle of champers, 9 bottles of beer and half a bottle of Remy, (the only leftovers were 6 bottles of non alcoholic beer, bought by mistake and ignored by everyone)... And how did we finish the day off?...A visit to the pub!!..

 After a few days recovery, (yes, as I expected the hangover was pretty severe!) I can honestly say that these days a lunch that lasts longer than 7 hours and rounded off with a visit to the pub, whilst fun, is just a bit too much...In fact the whole day was a bit like living in an ad for Fosters lager!...We even had the sunshine!
Quick change of subject and country, I am ecstatic to report that my gorgeous french sofa now has an equally gorgeous friend...a matching chair.

Talking of blasts From The Past

OOOOh Sunny days .....

 Perfect for sitting and enjoying a lovely glass of chilled white, I thought!...well it would be if I had any left!.....

G'night Possums!
Sue x

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  1. I hope that you have now recovered from your marathon drinking session.... I hope that you eat something as well....but to finish up
    at the pub, a little too far for me...
    Love that long dress, stunning, I would think that you really showed
    up the company. The cartoon very apt, the old shot so you...