Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Suzy's Blog

French sofas, shoes and Les Miserables 

It is now day seven of my miserable no cake, chocolate or biscuits diet, (I am, of course, still allowing myself alcohol) and I have now reached the severe withdrawal stage.  I should have realised I was at crisis point when the chocolate candle became the fragrance of choice and the dogs bonios started to look appetising!....I wouldn't mind all this were it not for the fact that, after all this effort, denial and self discipline, (a new thing for me, I have to say) I feel absolutely no different....boo hoo!!
Anyway, enough of all this poor me routine, I have had one major indulgence this last week, (which is helping take my mind of choccy) in the form of an exquisite antique french sofa.  This spectacular thing of beauty is residing grandly in my sitting room in all its gorgeousness, oozing sex appeal, (well it is french after all!) and making everything around it wilt in its presence. It almost  seems to be saying, 'don't dare sit on me'!!...Just have to hope my cat takes note, as she's rather partial to a cosy nap on a sofa,but then she's Persian so she probably doesn't understand french!!..
At least I can sit for a moment on it !!

Continuing on a french theme, I just have to pay homage to another recent acquisition, shoes. Utterly beautiful and very Parisian....Aren't I a lucky girl!! All I need now is a suitable occasion to wear them at.
Please excuse my final comment, but I just can't resist finishing on a very apt quote, (although I don't think she did actually say this) from Marie Antoinette....'Let them eat cake'!....Oh yes, could you make that a double chocolate one, please!!
Happy days and....Au revoir!!..


  1. Love the posh french sofia, wish we could see more, what a fetching outfit sitting on it. Cannot think that you need to diet..... come on you are as slim as a rake.