Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Notes from the bewildered

.What a week!!!  Just when I thought all was well with the parents, off we go again. My Dad, bless him, who at 85 is seriously struggling to come to terms with having to give up his driving licence, has decided he is not ready to vacate the roads just yet.  Having come up with several ingenious ideas to keep himself mobile, his latest is...A BIKE!!!  Various unwelcome thoughts come to mind. Images of Dad, on a motor bike, zooming along the high street like some sort of geriatric hells angel, or wobbling along the road on a push bike, dressed all in Lycra, his legs shaved for extra speed....shouting abuse at anyone unfortunate enough to get in his way.
Do they still do cycling proficiency tests, I wonder?..if so, he would definitely need one, along with stabilisers and the local A&E on speed dial...

Talking of 'senior moments', I'm not immune to the odd one myself. This was very clearly demonstrated at a coffee shop recently.  There was I with a friend, enjoying tea and cakes, when I heard a friendly voice behind me shout "Hello Sue, how are you?"... Shock, horror, that awful moment when you realise this is someone you know well and really like, but cannot recall their name!!......Er, erm, I spluttered as I desperately tried to work out how I was going to handle the inevitable introductions.  Wracking my brain frantically, a name suddenly appeared in my mind, Yes, that must be it, mustn't it?!! In a split second I decided to go with it...As everyone waited expectantly I replied loudly and confidently, "Trudi, how lovely to see you" and was about to make the necessary introductions when she suddenly burst into laughter..."Sue", she giggled, "Trudi is my dog, I'm Tania!"....Oh No!! Please ground, open up and swallow me!!!

In the light of that monumental gaffe, I have decided that, if in doubt, plead temporary amnesia and say nothing..

Till next time ..

Sue x


  1. Love the dress in the first photo, I think, or is it soap? the boots really suit you in the other shot... sorry about your dad, can you not get him a disabled buggy, no license or instruction book required...

  2. Love the cartoon sue ! Phew never seen that "soap" dress you are wearing in next lol now where did i keep that water lol ....Looking so beautiful and gorgerous in the Little black dress Paterned Tights and beautiful Killer Heels ! My fav pin up Girl ! xx