Wednesday, 24 April 2013

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Saturday morning lie in and picnics in the park...

Oh the indulgence!...It's 8 am on a Saturday and here I am still in bed. Two
dogs one cat, and me, reclining contentedly, watching breakfast t.v whilst the sunshine, (yes, actual sunshine) makes an appearance through my bedroom window.  Can't languish around for too long though, as I've planned a picnic in the park with my dogs later.  I'm fantasising about wine chilling in the stream, cream cheese and smoked salmon nibbles and two impeccably behaved dogs relaxing in the sunshine. I'll be wearing a floppy hat, sunnies and a nice itsy bitsy frock....How lovely, but, dream on I suspect the reality will be a lot different!..

So Maybe a book or two ......

talking  of sun and flimsies , well not exactly .....but I hosted a fantastic 'french fancies' evening with some of my friends .....fair to say they embraced Can Can and oooo La La to is my contribution....

Also later, if this weather continues, I'm looking forward to the possibility of a glass of wine, (or two!) and a meal outside on my terrace, first of many over the summer I hope. Again, I suspect it'll be a case of dream on!..

After the dreams come the nightmare...I have recently been trying to sort out a banking problem on behalf of my Mum. Following a monumental blunder on their part and much wrangling, they finally agreed to send her flowers by way of apology.  Yesterday she finally took delivery of a bouquet of 'flowers'...What a frightening sight, strange looking thistle type things accompanied by angry looking spikey green foliage, all tied up with purple ribbon.  A bit like something from the film The Day Of The Triffids....No doubt about it, this was definitely not sent with love!!
Finally, on a more pleasant note, I am looking forward to a girls only shopping trip soon, can't wait!....
Bye for now!
Sue x


  1. Thanks sue for the regular updates and of course the new pictures. The 'French fancies' pic is superb.

  2. We missed the pink p'js from the bedroom picture, also the dogs and the cat.....I liked the can can outfit, and the bit on the top of your head. Your cartoon, very explicit..... Enjoy your shopping trip, thanks for the update...

  3. Love that you wear your bangles etc in bed ;-) xx