Saturday, 14 January 2012

What Suzy Wore Today

My dog , is very important , so important in fact that she gets her own mail ! this is a result of course of taking out pet insurance.......Miss Olive Simmonds has been offered ten percent off her car insurance and even a discount on her home /kennel insurance .....if she is offered a good enough deal on a holday I'm going with her......

I've just changed into my gold Warehouse tiered dress for dinner out.....Olive in case you're interested is wearing a pink bandana

Todays frock rock is Madonna " Holiday"


  1. That must be some dinner venue? that dress is gorgeous. pity we did not see Olive??? enjoy the dinner.

  2. Can i come on holiday with you lol what a fabulous photo love the dress and red fingernails bet you a wearing some heels to go with this ! x