Monday, 20 February 2012

What Suzy Wore Today

Interesting afternoon in Ashbourne watching all the shopkeepers batten down the hatches and board up the windows in preperation for the world famous annual Royal Shrovetide Football event tomorrow. Which can get quite mad to say the least !!! Apparently it's great fun.....To give you an idea of it's origins back in the 12th century , it was played with a severed head !!

I'm wearing a French cream wool coat and my biker boots.

Todays frock rock is Prince " Cream"


  1. What a wonderful outfit, I tried several times to say how I loved the color of that purple dress on your last picture, but there was a fault on your system that would not allow anyone to input the pass word, which did not show.

  2. That sounds a interesting event cannot remember the 12th century i"m not that old lol lovely coat you look lovely and warm x