Saturday, 20 June 2015

Six months in the life of...

Well, I have to say it's certainly been a while, since my last blog, (or should that be confession!!) ... Here's a brief summary of the last few months.

January/February. Bleak, dark and torrential rain, and what am I doing during this wonderful weather?....moving house.  I've enlisted the help of a willing volunteer /conscript who, having spent several days staggering under the weight of numerous sofas, (why do I have so many?), a couple of oak sideboards, umpteen tables, enough chairs to seat an army, and a couple of antique beds, is getting a teeny bit tetchy.  "Have we about done?" he enquired hopefully, wrestling with a nine foot long brass curtain pole that was refusing to go in the van.  "Erm, well almost" I replied in my most encouraging voice. "There's just the fish now". "Oh? You have a goldfish ?" he sounds surprised, "No problem I'll get a plastic bag for it".... "Think we might need this" I corrected, handing him a massive net and leading him into the garden where a dozen or so extremely large koi were swimming happily in the pond.  I can't actually print the conversation that followed, way too many bleeps!!  Anyway, a short time later, during which we both spent a considerable amount of time floundering about in the pond, (I've heard of swimming with dolphins, but never with koi), said fish are now on the way to their new abode, and volunteer on his way to nearest pub!!
March/April. Much of Spring had been spent in recovery nursing a bad back, and bruised toes, courtesy of the aforementioned house move.  I had hoped that 'volunteer' would help sort the garage but I can't seem to get him to answer his phone....
May/June. My beautiful Leonberger, Brewster has recently been ill and as a result has had to have a leg amputated . Thankfully, he's making a good recovery, having quickly learned how to run on three legs.  Bless!!!

Happy(ish) days...

Sue x 


  1. Nice to see you, to see you Sue!

  2. Hi Sue

    Hope the House move went really well ...Looking Absolutely Gorgeous and very Beautiful in all the pics ..Good luck always Sue ,,keeping everything crossed for you from one of your biggest fans x x