Monday, 12 December 2011

What Suzy Wore Today

A friend and I have had a bet , that following our respective breakfasts we couldnt fast for a day...she knows my fondness for cake and I know hers for pudding.....well , following a day of water and a slice of lemon I'm hanging in there. The pressure is on, and it's dog feeding time and I must say the Iams is looking mighty inviting and as for the chews .....

I'm wearing a very warm winter outfit to compensate for lack of food and feeling frail....

Todays frock rock is Snow Patrol "Chocolate" or R Kelly "Chocolate Factory" not that I've got food on my mind at all!!!!


  1. Forget the fast forget the cold, who cares what your wearing..........your beautiful

  2. Love the coat.. Hope you have now had your tea??

  3. No don"t do it leave it for the dogs sue .... you look cold can i warm you up with a hug ! fabulous photo again x