Tuesday, 27 December 2011

What Suzy Wore Today

Spent a day of doing pretty much ...nothing really !!!

And for this taxing day I'm wearing a Next chiffon dress.

Todays frock rock is The Rolling Stones " Ruby Tuesday"


  1. I am amazed the amount of different outfits that you must have.... apart from the multi-colored tights and the mustard colored mac we have not seen the same outfit twice...

  2. Well " I ain't too proud to beg" and " I don't know why " because your definitely a "star star" some might say "she's a rainbow" but "come on" Maybe I'd be "a fool to cry" but you look gorgeous and have left me "shattered"

  3. Very pretty, both you & the outfit. Great legs ;-)

    Carl x

  4. Love the dress and the lovely heels you look just stunning .....my dream girl ! x x