Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Suzy's Attic

Spent some time at the beautiful Felley Priory , once  favoured by Lord Byron , or at least the owners daughter was !

Not sure if Byron courted Augusta around the gardens here , but they are pretty sensational 

I dont think Tarrantino has anything to worry about just yet , so how about a shot taken last night just prior to meeting some friends out for dinner....

I am getting some stock together for an antique fair next month which should be fun......as long as I sell more than I buy !!

So with all things historic in mind .................heres a Blast From The Past !

Was very proud to be the official pin up of the Royal Engineers and The Dragoon Guards and visited them in  Germany and Cyprus ....amazing memories and here I am on one of my visits .


  1. Like the look of the Priory, love the evening dress, you must have such lovely memories. keep them coming please....hope you do well at the antique fair next month.

  2. Another Cracking video sue love the outfit lovely boots to go with it as well it must have been a bit nippy you have some gloves on ! fabulous pic of you taken last night love the off the shoulder dress just simply gorgeous and beautiful ! ...Good luck with the antique fair next month sue where is that being held please ? smashing blast from the blast photo luck engineers and guards having their pic taken with you you have been my fav pin up girl as well for many many years ! wishing you amazing success always x x x