Monday, 29 October 2012

Suzy's Blog

Hi everyone,
It's me again ...
I have to start with an update on the weather, yes I know it's boring but it's what we brits do, (unless of course you happen to live in a fabulously sunny climate!) All I will say on the subject is today is a 'two brolly day'....Enough said, I think!
Well it's been a funny old week, I've stood an antique fair where, sadly, as expected, I bought more than I sold, but then a girl can never have too many vintage handbags.  Can she!?... I've enjoyed a 'relaxing spa day' ( not as healthy as it should have been, due to an  over generous lunch) And last but not least, rather ambitiously, tackled a spot of long overdue painting and decorating at home, (note to self, next time hire a professional)...
Talking of shopping, which I wasn't really, but my mind sort of wandered in that direction, I'm a teeny bit concerned about the amount of time I seem to be spending in Tesco.  I really need to organise my grocery needs a little more effectively!....Anyway food shopping can be quite entertaining, as I discovered whilst perusing the wine aisles recently.  I spotted a rather gorgeous looking man with sexy long dark hair in the midst of a heated exchange of words with a formidable looking 'lady of a certain age', who was determined to have the last word...'Young man', she exclaimed loudly, 'Might I suggest you get a haircut!'.....'Madam', he retorted 'Might I suggest you get a balaclava'!....Priceless!!
Sadly, although I have been 'loitering with intent' along the wine aisle hoping to catch a glimpse, I have yet to see him again....
I have to finish on the subject of horse racing, something I know nothing about, but I am absolutely smitten by Frankel and, of course, his half brother Bullet Train.....I want to kidnap these two!...But I'm informed he will have a fantastic retirement ...
Well....did the clocks going backwards catch you out .....if you have dogs like mine , they pay no attention to the clocks going back.....6am they dive bombed me .....oh well , you have to love them .
Now , its nearly Poppy Time something I am always very proud to wear ....Here I am in Cyprus on an official visit to meet the Dragoon Guards. So , if you have not as yet bought your poppy , then go out and get one !!
Well Cyprus takes me back and with that in mind here is a Blast From The Past

Has anyone seen the New Bond film yet ....I'm very keen to see it. I was more of a Piers Brosnan fan, but I must say Daniel Craig is a great Bond.
This was Page 3s Bond day pic , I think supporting Die Another Day

And right up to date with this one ...

Have a lovely week .....Bye for now

Sue XX


  1. You do have such a busy life, love the picts....especially the modern one, love the shoes.... keep the info coming.

  2. Hi Sue Hate the dark nights i hope this winter is a mild one spring cannot come soon enough ! A girl can never have enough shoes and handbags always room for another pair or handbag ..Wow that lucky fella in tesco i wish it was me sue sadly i know it was not me :-( Instead of wanting to kidnap frankel and bullet train sue i will let you kidnap me anytime lol ..the clocks did not catch me out was at work in the centre at 9 am so could not turn up late or would it be early as the clocks went back lol ...Wow those lucky Dragoon guards having their pic taken with you i would love to have my pic taken with my all time fav pin up girl ! Fabulous blast from the past pic You look ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS beautiful long hair and looking sooooo sexy ! Not seen the new bond film yet if you go to see it can i come with you i will let you share my popcorn :-) Got that pic sue in the lovely album of your fabulous and wonderful page 3 career don"t shoot i will hand over the thourtons choccies :-) looking sooooo simply gorgeous and beautiful in the up to date pic lovely blue dress showing of your lovely long legs and lovely lovely heels look amazing with the sliver heeland always loved your beautiful long hair wishing you fabulous and amazing success for the future been a devoted fan for many years please keep the blogs coming sue ! ! ! take loads care always sue one of your biggest fans always x x x