Monday, 5 May 2014

Happy holiday

Enjoyed a lovely bank holiday weekend, lots of sunshine, although not quite warm enough for dancing barefoot round the maypole just yet!...Caught up with friends for lots of tea and cakes, long walks in the fields with my dogs, and of course, some retail therapy....Bliss!!!

Sue x


  1. Well I have seen you in lots of outfits, some I liked, some I did not.... where
    to put this one I am not sure.....Did you have it on back to front? liked the scarf,
    but not really sure about the missing bit..... At least it will get comments....

  2. Retail Theraoy More Shoes and Handbags ....Always Room for another Pair Sue ! ...Wow love the Dress Looking absolutely Gorgeous and Very Yummy ! Love And Hugs To My Fav Pin Up Girl x x