Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Rainy days...

Well what weather, just how much longer can it keep on raining!!  This time last year I seem to remember was hot, hot, hot!   The Aussies were over and it was all bbq's, drinks in the garden and meals al fresco.  We all got sunburnt, wore shorts and strappy dresses, and had a fabulous time.. How totally different it is this year...Boo hoo!!

Need to cheer myself up, sharpish, and I think I know exactly what's needed ...
Fish 'n chips and a bottle of Chablis!!!

Happy days

Sue x


  1. i hope someone can fix that leak in the sky very soon sue you know a plumber with a very long Ladder lol the Meantime you can share my Umbrella anytime :-) Hope the sunny weather is not to long in coming so you can get out the strappy dresses and Killer Heels will you need a Volunteer to rub the Suncream in Sue :-) Love fish and Chips ! ...Love the new pic very Yummy and SO Gorgeous ! Where am i going to sit lol ..Keep the blogs coming sue wishing you tons of Success always ...My Fav pin up girl x x

  2. Lovely picture, beautiful background. Fish & chips good idea, Chablis ok, but
    try a Clemant fizzy wine, fruit taste, Chardonnay grape, not quite as sharp as
    your Chablis and much cheaper.