Monday, 2 June 2014

Green fingers

Finally made it into the garden yesterday, and after weeks of rain it was like a scene from 'The day of the triffids'.. Huge leafy things attacked me as I made my way along the dandelion infested pathway.  But, undeterred, I bravely soldiered on, clippers in hand, and several hours and lots of stings, (I inadvertently disturbed a wasps nest) later, I finally got in under control...

After all that hard work, come 6pm, and with a warm sunny evening to look forward, It just had to be a large glass of something nice and dinner on my newly accessible terrace...

Thought I'd better 'scrub up' for the occasion!!...

Sue x


  1. Hi Sue After all that hard work i bet your Garden looks beautiful ...All we need now is some sunshine and not for one day ! to make everything grow sadly that means the weeds as well ... Wow LOVE the floaty Black dress and matching heels ...Looking SO gorgeous and Absolutely Stunning ! x x

  2. That is one of the best pictures that we have seen of you in the Paris roof tops,
    wonderful definition, cannot think that such a stunning outfit was used to do
    the gardening, especially the wonderful shoes......You should see my gardening