Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Lazy days..(I wish!)...

Well now that Summer's finally here and the sun lounger and tanning lotions are calling, I find myself rushed off my little tootsies. No time for sun bathing at the mo. Boo hoo!!!  

I did make time, however for a spot of girly indulgence. Coffee and cakes with my lovely friend from Cornwall.  Usually whenever she finds herself my way something crops up and we miss each other.  but this time we managed a whole  afternoon catching up, before she headed back to Newquay and her surfboard...Have to admire her there, I only tried surfing once and I nearly drowned...Not good on water skis either, seem to remember spending more time under rather than on the water. and constantly having to be fished out.  
Give me land any time!!

That's about it for now, catch you next blog..

Hope you like the photo offering.  

Sue x


  1. Lovely picture, unusual dress with pockets, the shoes go well with the outfit.
    See that you are still in the rooftops of Paris, enjoy your holiday.......

  2. Coffe and Cakes Sounds very yummy Sue Fabulous Pic sue...Looking so Gorgeous love the outfit and the Gold Heels ...enjoy the lovely sunshine Maybe Surfing and Water Sking is not for you lol ...Take care always Keeping everything Crossed for you x x