Sunday, 28 August 2011

What Suzy Wore Today

Two changes today ! Amazingly I made it to the local rock concert which was great fun . Taken just before I left I wore a QED dress . Thank fully the weather was fine so no wellies ! Im obviously a fair weather fan. In the first picture I'm wearing an Armani top clearly pondering will it rain or not !

Todays frock rock has to be Matthew's Southern Comfort " Woodstock"


  1. That head and shoulders picture is stunning.......the perfect choice of song for the rock chic' chick

  2. Now I like that outfit, also the head and shoulder shot, good facial expression, can't relate any of the shots to the music, wonder what you would wear to Andre Rieu?

  3. I hope it stayed dry... lovely off the shoulder outfit in the bottom pic are you waiting for me lol simple but stunning x