Wednesday, 31 August 2011

What Suzy Wore Today

Today is the very last day of "summer" (how sad) so I thought I'd ease myself into something a bit warmer as befits the change of seasons . So I wore today a satin kaliko fitted jacket and a cream maxi skirt . Feeling warmer all ready !

Todays frock rock is a nostalgic nod to the summer with Don Henleys fantastic " Boys of Summer"


  1. Very sensible outfit for today,the look is really you, nice background.

  2. I can see you now , your brown skin shining in the sun, your walking real slow , smiling at everyone ............

    And wouldn't they smile back.......gorgeous again Sue

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    1. Wish it could be summer every day so we can see you in dresses and heels ! spelt the other message wrong sue sorry x x