Monday, 29 August 2011

What Suzy Wore Today

What I wore today was a black and cream dress bought a few years ago in Venice . Having spent half an hour in the great and freezing outdoors I deccided to return home put the heating on and spend an afternoon with a good book and a re run of one of my favourite films the Talented Mr Ripley . Great music great scenery . so.....

Todays frock rock is a bit of Opera Culture from Florence . From Dantes " La Vita Nuova " and written by Patrick Cassidy " Vide Cor Meum"


  1. Matt Damon would have loved you in that dress , for that matter so would Florence ......bellisimo

  2. I like that dress, simple black and white, classic. the shoes are also very dressy.

  3. Looking very beautiful love and dress and shoes ! x