Saturday, 21 July 2012

Suzy's Blog

Welcome to the new blog ! I hope you enjoy the combination of Blasts from The Past from the page 3 and calendar days , some new pictures and some pictures of my day , or maybe just like these beautiful horses I saw today whilst having tea and a piece of cake .

Thought he reminded me of a bad hair day. He was incredibly handsome and it was a real treat to get close to these.
Im often asked about the old calendar days , so here is a shot taken in Jamaica for Vladivar the Girls on Girls calendar. Whilst we were guided by a professional photographer we did in fact set the shots up ourselves. This one was taken by Carron Martin

A more recent shot which has provoked comments such as can I be your window cleaner is this photo taken at a local stately home .

I hope you like the new format . x


  1. I like the new idea, There has to be a limit on the amount of outfits that you have, I am
    sure that you would not want to show us an outfit already seen, then there is the difficulty
    of finding new shot locations......

  2. Love the new format sue tea and cake did you save me a slice :-) you never have bad hair days always loved your beautiful blonde hair ... you look gorgeous in the white dress and killer heels so stunning ..can i apply for the job as your window cleaner please sue you will have me falling of my ladder great set of photo"s ! xxx