Monday, 23 July 2012

Suzy's Blog

Sunshine , blue sky ....blimey I'm nearly singing. Gorgeous weather here ....
And this is a picture I like which was taken at my place recently

Following on from the Vladivar Girls On Girls shoot here is another,,,,and no ....I didn't drink the vodka !

Well I couldn't resist having a picture taken with the most gorgeous male around......and there is no doubt he is gorgeous ....x

Sue xx


  1. Fabulous set of photos sue ..Looking absolutely gorgeous as always in the gold outfit and matching killer heels ..are you sure it was vodka sue and not water lol great memories ! ..i wish i was that horse would love to have my pic taken with my fav pin up girl he"s gorgeous and so are you ! did he get a treat of a carrot for keeping still while having his pic taken :-) xx

  2. I do not recall seeing you in trousers before, beautiful outfit. lovely effect.

  3. Thank you for the lovely comments . I'm pretty sure it was Vodka as they sponsored the Calendar . Glad I didn't drink any or I might have fallen in , as it took quite a while to set the shot up .

    1. If you fell in sue could i be the lifeguard and give you the kiss of life :-) xx