Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Suzy's Blog

The Olympics has certainly arrived and there have been some very inspirational performances. I enjoyed the gymnastics yesterday and the first GB medal in a 100 years was an amazing achievement . Hopefully the weather will stay fine ( well as good as can be expected) and we can see some great sport.
Carrying on with the Blasts from the past and modern shots , here is a Page 3 picture from back in the 80s. Beverley would always try and link a sporting theme in with a picture so the Olympics would have been the perfect opportunity for that .

Although this picture has a 60s feel to it it was taken today ....during that one moment when it stopped raining !


  1. Loved the old picture, what a lot to look at...... The todays picture I thought fantastic, never seen you looking so colorful.

  2. Fabulous photo of you in your page 3 days happy memories of your glittering modelling career always have been my page 3 pin up got a album of cuttings i want you to sign one day ! beautiful long hair :-).... love the up to date photo sue never seen this dress before just stunning and so so pretty i hope that shed has not just been painted lol hopefully august will bring us some better weather so you can keep wearing those beautiful dresses and killer heels ! x x