Friday, 3 August 2012

Suzy's Blog

Spent a few hours walking in the countryside today with the dogs , after paddling with them in ponds and rivers in my wellies  ....they came back exhausted and so did I ....great fun was had by all . A quick change and by the look of this one he is ready to do it all again....I think I deserve a glass of wine, especially after also managing to lock myself in the garage ....grrr automatic doors !

Following on with the Blasts from The Past . This was taken at a Palace in India in sweltering heat for Penthouse . A truly beautiful place with amazing pieces of history and memories of the Raj.


  1. You do not appear to have put weight on... surely they are not the same shoes... Lovely picture of you both,,,

  2. Stunning photo at the top sue is that your bodyguard lol glad your not still wearing your wellies lol..Beautiful dress and heels (no kj they are not the same shoes) and your hair is so beautiful glad you still have it long ! looking so stunning and gorgeous in india where did you want me to rub the suncream lol we never get it that hot in this country ! A stunning page 3 girl ! x x