Sunday, 5 August 2012

Suzy's Blog

Spent some time in Southwell , here is a picture of the beautiful Minster bathed in sunshine .

Sat in the Southwell sunshine, well actually recovering from shock after being charged nearly £9 for two scones and tea !! Still had a lovely few hours pottering .

And in contrast here is a Blast From The Past photographed in New Jersey


  1. Love the minster, beautiful setting... A lovely picture of you again in my favorite color, recovering after your tea.... you look a little wild in the old scene, but I image you were in the old days.....

  2. How much sue ! i hope they tasted nice ! lovely pic of the minster looks lovely in the sunshine you look gorgeous and so yummy beautiful white dress and strappy heels and your blond hair always loved that ! wow how i remember you from you page 3 days so stunning and such a racy pic ! xxx