Friday, 17 August 2012

Suzy's Blog

Swimming today, apparently I should do a length for every year  ...!!!! Yeah right, I'm not sure I am that fit. But , I will keep at it and maybe I will achieve that soon.

And again continuing with The Blast From The Past theme.....this is quite unusual as it was not used for the actual Vladivar Calendar out take ....!


  1. What a colorful dress, what an unusual setting, love that bracelet that you always wear.... and a real different setting for the "blast from the past" I do not think that was in your garden.... swimming is good for you...

  2. Lovely colourful dress sue you look absolutely gorgeous and beautiful love your long hair and lovely red lippy ! not sure you are that fit are very fit ! ! ...just a amazing photo of you for the Vladivar calandar lapping up the sunshine i don"t blame you sue ! so so gorgerous wish i got a hug now when you did a pa at the truckfest event years ago ! x x