Saturday, 18 August 2012

Suzy's Blog

Just been for my 3rd ! test drive of the day...had tyres kicked, engine revved , top und and down and no sale as yet !! on a plus point bought a new dress and found an antique bedroom set .

And another Blast From The Past from India


  1. Like the new dress, not sure that I understand why the test drives, but you look beautiful in the car....

  2. Lovely photo of you sitting in the car with that bow on your dress you come gift wrapped lovely earings sue and a cheeky bit of leg you are showing ! what a shame is was just the top on your car that was going uo and down !.........phew how HOT do you look in the india heat bet you are dreaming of thourtons choccolate lol Stunning stunning stunning ! and soooooo yummy ! x x