Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Suzy's Blog

Managed to catch some sunshine today, am so hoping this is an Indian Summer . Looking forward to a nice Champagne dinner

And continuing with the Blast From The Past picture .....this one appeared on the much sought after Crossbow Calendar. The shot was taken at Donnington track . The Crossbow calendars featured two or three page 3 girls of the time and now command very high prices .


  1. Love the garden picture...I think that you need to make the best of it...
    looks as if it is now going to be rain again... Love the bike picture, sure there must be a story there...

  2. Lovely photo of you sue sitting in the garden looking so beautiful and gorgeous hope we get lots more sunny days so you keep wearing those lovely short dresses and much to high heels ! ! you hair looks so beautiful with the sub shinning on it ......Hot bike and hotter girl wow sue you look so so sexy and yummy how i remember you in your page 3 days ..did they let you ride the bike sue ! i would love to be on the back of the bike with you hanging on tight ! a huge and devoted fan for many many years x x