Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Suzy's Attic

Well, no Attic would be complete without a china cabinet ....

and this is mine .....full of Swansea , Pinxton , Flight Barr, 3 Star , Mansfield etc....so any Porcelain collectors out there .....let me know what you like ...

And  heres a Blast From The Past ....taken in Sweden 

And ....hopefully not the end of the summer .....but taken today ..


  1. Like your china cabinet, looks crowded..... I would think you were perhaps a little short of space... you were lucky with the weather today, I think we are at the end of the summer... I think that we have seem the bracelet you were wearing in the"blast from the past" picture recently..... love the shoes...

  2. Love your china cabinet sue like the plates on the bottom shelve ! bet your careful when it comes to the all being dusted ! fabulous "blast from the past" photo looking absolutely gorgeous ! ! love your hair in this photo shame you was wearing that white top :-)... i hope it"s not the end of summer yet sue but the nights are pulling in very quickly lovely dress and shoes you looks so so gorgeous ! keep suzy"s attic blogs coming sue love "em x x x