Friday, 21 September 2012

Suzy's Attic

Well the summer appears to be over and autumn is on its way , which will mean a return to woollies and coats ....It only seems yesterday that I put them away .

Well to remind me of the summer here is a very short video taken recently on a glorious day . ( this is a first at posting at video so if it works I can try some more )

And continuing with the theme of A Blast From The Past

Taken on an equally glorious day in India


  1. Summer is over :-( cold days and frosty nights hate it it seems only yesterday it was may ! the video works fine sue looking very very gorgeous ! ! Fabulous blast from the past pic sue now where didi keep that suncream lol simply beautiful my fav pin up girl ! x x

  2. like the video idea, but they need to be longer..... love the blast from the past, what a funny term....

  3. Thank you for the lovely comments, the video was a bit of a trial ....I will try and experiment and do longer ones, now that i know how to post them