Saturday, 29 September 2012

Suzy's Attic

Rain ! Well I thought I'd start with the word on every ones lips and lots of it . I hope everyone has avoided it as best they can. Future fashion accessories will be what can you wear with your wellies and matching brolly !
Anyway , back to The Attic ....

This is a beautiful cup and saucer dated to around 1820 , painted in the Church Gresley Pattern on French porcelain. Very rare indeed ...

And dated from slightly earlier is this beautiful piece of Paris Porcelain , part of a set .

And from the turn of the twentieth century is this unusual bird in a gilded cage .

Thank you for the lovely feedback re my Blasts From The Past is  another . Taken  in New York , I hope you like !

I agree I'm not likely to get an Oscar as yet !! but this is another slightly longer video , taken at the beautiful Beauvale Priory during a medieval weekend


  1. Lovely porcelain, video much better, needs more practice..... but the New York picture, perfect...

  2. What a beautiful Cup and saucer i guess even to nice for your sunday best sue ! Lovely bird in the gilded cage Very pretty !...Wow fabulous pic of you taken in New York Absolutely Gorgeous and beautiful i don"t like the pic sue i LOVE IT ! now we know what you wear under your little black dress :-) Great Video taken of you at beauvale priory lovely outfit and beautiful long blonde Hair Stunning !!! X X

  3. And........Put those wellies and brolly away sue and keep wearing those lovely dresses and matching heels !