Thursday, 22 September 2011

What Suzy Wore Today

Two changes today excluding my bath robe ( not a good look !) Mac by Top Shop for shopping and just changed into a Warehouse black and white pencil skirt to visit my Mum for a girlie evening watching the programme on the first WAGs . Very relevant as she was certainly one of the originals ( and still loves her bling....poor Dad)

Todays frock is for my mum Prince " Diamonds and Pearls"

What I can't do without is my good old mum !

What I can do without is arriving home, seeing the cats by their bowls and realising I've forgotten the cat food !


  1. Very stylish effect, you must have a very short dress on underneath the mac, or perhaps you didn't?I bet your mum liked the dress you wore later.The sort of outfit you could wear anytime.

  2. Prince very aptly here sang 'beautiful'

  3. Would love to see a pic in your bathrobe you would look yummy look the shoes in the top outfit and the cheeky bit of leg ps .......don"t forget the cat foof next time ! x