Thursday, 29 September 2011

What Suzy Wore Today

Another fab day today so was able to wear this vintage swirly retro dress. In fact this perfectly suits the temerature as it was bought from the famous Ibiza shop in ibiza several years ago.

Todays frock rock is Mental Generation with "cafe del mar"

What I can't do without are regular birthday bashes such as the one last night ...great fun

What I can do without is having to be a year older to celebrate them

Todays sexy dish is Sicilian chicken


  1. If you 'rocked up' to The Cafe Del Mar' looking like that you would certainly be the heart of the island

  2. Very classy, like the shoes too.

  3. Wow love this dress and shoes you look absolutly beautiful ! can i invite you to my birthday bash in august ! x